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Sick Possible Brain Cancer/Tumor? Your Experiences?


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Feb 12, 2022
So I'm new here and seeking a little advice from anyone who has dealt with brain cancer or tumor in a piggy before. About 3 weeks ago one of our little girls started having trouble walking/running and was super wobbly. She would walk almost in circles and fall over if she tried to run. We took her to an exotic vet and they said more than likely it was a vitamin C deficiency, an ear infection, or the worse case scenario brain cancer/tumor. They sent us home with 10 different medications: ear drops, GI infection meds, antibiotics, Critical Care and a handful of others that would've taken care of everything but brain cancer/tumor. She got pretty bad for a few days there in the beginning but started getting better and eating like a champ, albeit still pretty wobbly. Unfortunately, over the past few days she now falls over when trying to walk or almost falls over before catching herself. We caught her laying in the plate of fresh veggies yesterday, just munching away, because she collapsed. Her appetite/pooping is great but she can't chew as fast as she used to, so we're having to feed her Critical Care to get the calories in. Does this sound like brain cancer or a tumor? I want to make sure we've done everything before putting her down. I'm so conflicted because she's so alert and appetite is fantastic, but I don't want her to suffer either..... Has anyone dealt with something like this before?
I'm not a vet. But I'm not impressed with a vet that sends a pig home on ten different medicines, especially given how sensitive piggy intestines are to any kind of medications. If it were me, I'd be looking hard to a well-recommended exotic vet for a second opinion.

As far as a tumor goes, I'd think a stroke would be more likely than a tumor. It's not a certainty, but a tumor large enough to cause those kinds of symptoms would probably be pretty painful and would interfere with her appetite.

Guinea pigs can have vestibular disturbances that affect their balance and ability to walk and/or hold their heads straight. As far as I know, there's no real treatment for it, but if you can keep the pig eating and pooping, recovery may be possible.

A severe ear infection can also cause those symptoms. Unfortunately, finding an effective antibiotic for an ear infection can be a case of trial and error. Baytril is often used, but may not be effective against the particular organism.

I wouldn't give up yet. If you can get sufficient CC in her, she might pull through. It doesn't sound like she's in pain, and that's a good thing.

Do be aware that an adult pig that's not eating anything at all needs 100 cc. of CC for every kilogram it weighs, every day, split into 4-6 feedings around the clock. Adjust up or down according to the pig's weight, and down if it's eating a significant amount on it's on.

Good luck, and do keep us posted on how she's doing.
When I talked to my exotics only vet about a previous pig w/ seizures, they recommended a CT scan to rule out brain issues. It can be expensive and the pig needs to be sedated, but it is an option if 1) there is a vet w/ the machine, and 2) you can afford it. Ultimately I didn't do it due to the cost.
Yeah, we decided to not do it either because of the cost. It was already $500ish for everything and would've doubled that. Just couldn't justify it unfortunately since if it was brain issues, there absolutely nothing that could be done. ��
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