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Poppy and Lassie Have a New Cage

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Mar 24, 2005
My cubes arrived yesterday and the coroplast was already here so I made thier cage yesterday. I didn't build either a 2 by 3 or a 2 by 4. I built a 2 by 3 and 1/2. I made corners out of 2 of my cube grids and connected them in the middle of one end with another grid. The other end was made as usual with 2 grids. I have my grids inside the coroplast box instead of the other way around. I found that by doing it that way the inside measurements are 29" by 50", which gives my girls a 10' square area for their cage. They are very happy with it as they have lots more room to run around then they had in my 9 sq ft homemade cage where they had a lot of obstacles. They were popcorning and wheeking like crazy last night and earlier today, but now are napping in their new home. I actually like having the cubes inside the box because the grids hold the fleece in place better.
That's the next thing on my to buy list, a good digital camera! I will try to post pictures tomorrow if my friend can come over with her camera.
This belongs in the cage chat forum and you already have one thread like this there. I am moving this one and closing it. See the other thread in cage chat for more information. Please don't cross post the same threads on the different forum sections. One thread is sufficient. The double posting/cross posting just takes up more space. Thanks.
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