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Injury Poor Cedric is gasping for air, injured, and the vets are closed. Any ideas?


Cavy Slave
Dec 30, 2011
Hi there.
I'm sorry I haven't introduced myself, but I felt I needed help first!

I live in New Zealand, so my Guinea Pigs have been outside enjoying the sunshine. I was the proud mama of 3 cuddly boys - Cedric "The Spare", Chestnut and Staccato. All of my piggies have been rescued, and they have two outside hutches and an inside sleeping area also.

2 weeks ago, Staccato died tragically from a stroke. He wasn't very old at all, and it was heartbreaking. However, this has now caused Chestnut and Cedric to fight. After leaving them together in the outside hutch to enjoy the grass and sun (this was after monitoring, and I noticed that the fighting had ceased), I came home to find Cedric lying at the side of the cage on his side, unable to do much more than kick his legs, his side was cut and bleeding with many small lacerations, his fur had been pulled out, and the was gasping for breath. Chestnut was perfectly fine, and eating grass.

I currently have Cedric inside lying in his basket, wrapped in a towel, and he is still gasping and unable to do much more than twitch. He wheeks when I touch him, and keeps twitching and throwing his head back. I have called the emergency vet; they are unable to help me due to the animal being a Guinea Pig. I honestly don't know what to do, he looks like he is in so much pain, and it's breaking my heart.

Any ideas??
Have you tried to call any and all vets in your area, there must be someone who can help. I'm so sorry that this has happened and sorry I can not offer more advice.
There are only two emergency vets available, and the other one is only for farm animals.
I have tried. I am clueless.
There are no emergency vets near you at all?? Even if you have to drive a ways, it's worth it to save your piggy's life! Google search and call around until you find someone who will help you! When my pigs were fighting I cleaned their wounds with iodine and wrapped them in gauze after they were cleaned. They were small wounds though, this sounds very serious, and he needs medical care ASAP! Guinea lynx may have some info, I'll check it out and post a link.

All I could find, not really too helpful but you could at least read it and see what you can do in the meantime... I hope it gets better for Cedric! :(
Cedric passed away in the night. He was cuddled in his blanket, he was not alone, and he was a brave battler right til the end.
Cedric passed away in the night. He was cuddled in his blanket, he was not alone, and he was a brave battler right til the end.

I am so sorry for your lose!
Cedric passed away in the night. He was cuddled in his blanket, he was not alone, and he was a brave battler right til the end.

Im so saddened to here this. My condolences are with you and your remaining piggy.
I am so very sorry for the loss of Cedric and Staccato. How your heart must hurt. Love to
In the future you may want to consider a few things--

How large was the outside hutch? All pigs, but especially males, need a lot of space. Have you checked out the cage size standards on this site?

It would be very unusual for a guinea pig to actually wound one so much that he died. Was there any way a predator could have gotten in the hutch?

I believe it is summer where you live? Guinea pigs are highly susceptible to heat stroke. Is there a possibility that this may have been a part of his problem?

Livestock vets should be able to administer pain meds to a guinea pig, or humanely euthanize one if needed.

I am very sorry for the loss of your guinea pigs.
I have two outside hutches. One is a off the ground large enclosure, the other is a triangular ground hutch.
This is the basically the triangular one - Wooden large pet rabbit farming hutch products, buy Wooden large pet rabbit farming hutch products from alibaba.comThis is the free standing one (I feel my one is a bit bigger) - (broken link removed)l

No predators are able to get into the hutches, they are both secure. I also have one of these for my piggies for outside running, and they are only placed in here when I am gardening and am able to watch them - (broken link removed)
Heat stroke may have been a contributing factor. The weather has changed dramatically over the past few weeks - it has been piercingly hot and dry, then followed by rain for 3 days.

(broken link removed)
So sorry for your the loss of you boys. So sad.
Person, please abstain from giving medical advice until you have been a member here for some time.
I'm sorry, but who is "person" directed at? I have not given any medical advice, nor do I plan to. I just asked for ideas and advice as my contacts could not.
No, there is a person here on the forum who calls himself "Person" I think the admin just erased his message.
"Person" is a new member that signed in today. He/she gave wrong medical advice not you sadakosdaisy. That "person" is who foggycreekcavy was referring to.
So sorry, I thought that foggycreekcavy was referring to me. I'm still sad and grieving, I apologize for my misunderstanding.
You are good sadakosdaisy. I am so sorry for you loss.
I am sorry. It looks confusing with the deleted post, but I was not talking to you, as suz mentioned.

Take care.
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