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General POOP: huge poop!


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Jul 19, 2016
Let's talk about poop!!
I've noticed that my newest GP, Cesar, makes humongous poops! His are the ones on the left and I used my other GPs for comparison.
[GuineaPigCages.com] POOP: huge poop!
Now that I looked at the picture, they don't seem that big but let me reassure you that they are!!
Is this normal?!
He's about three years old, so I thought his age may have something to do with the size? They're never really uniform neither, the size ranges all the time. He's never had diarrhea or runny poops (in my watch atleast, he got rehomed here at the beginning of July).
Do your pigs have huge poops like this?
Someone let me know if this is normal or if I should be getting worried!!

Mine occasionally do but I've never gotten worried about it
Males have much bigger poop than females. I wouldn't worry about it.
It's fine. The poop looks perfectly normal.
Cool! Good to know!! My other GP never had huge ones like that so it got me a little concerned :p Those small ones are too? My other one doesn't have these neither. Funny how I can just distinguish their poos :p
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