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Poblo and his love for carrots


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Nov 10, 2011
Poblo was my vary first guinie pig. i had gotten him from a friend who got him from a shelter. well Poblo was my first love. i compair all my little piggies to him know (as bad as that sounds) but he past away in the summer of 2010 and i was thinking about him and i thought id share a story about him with you guys :)

Pablo loved carrots! that's all he'd eat if u let him. well one day i had him in the play pin and gave him a carrot. i set the bag on the floor next to the play pen and got on the comp to check my email ad what not. i was on the comp for about 30 mind and when i was done and shutting it down i turned around to grab a carrot and put the bag away.

the bag wasn't where i left it, instead the play pen had been moved over a couple feet. inside the play pen poblo was inside the carrot bag, scard he could have suffocated i reached for the bag and ripped it open and he ran the other way cuz i had scard him.

inside the bag was a half eaten carrot... that's it. Pablo had eaten a entire bag of carrots in 30mins.....

Thats it :) lol i hope you enjoyed reading it XD Pablo was a special piggie and he will never be forgotten.
this post was so sweet! My boys LOVE carrots too. Piggies are my absolute favoite animals because they are just so sweet and fun!
thanks :) i love animals, but piggies are my favorit by far! Pablo IS the reason why i love them so much, he was my best friend. he alwalys seemed to know when i was upset or feeling down and he knew how to cheer me up. If i put him on the floor and start to walk away hed fallow me like a dog. I dont think ill own anouther piggie that ment quit as much as he did to me. although i love all my animals and care about them deeply and this might sound alittle strange but pablo was my one true love.
That's a cute story. :) I really enjoyed reading it. It kind of reminds me of my 2 guinea pigs. Yesterday, I had a bowl of baby carrots and when I passed their cage, I gave them each one. Their carrots were gone in about a minute. :)
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