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C&C Alternatives Plexiglass Questions.


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Jan 2, 2012
I posted a week or so ago about trying to figure out how to do a bunch of sows together in a group. We've decided that we were going to keep the girls in two separate groups. Pepper our oldest female doesn't care for many pigs, and we just discovered she really doesn't like our newest female "Apollymi". So, there's 3 adults in one cage, and 3 adults and 5 newborn - 3 month old babies (the two older are girls, and will likely be in a trio with one of the newborn girls.)

So, after seeing alternatives to C&C cages - I have decided that Plexi might be an option for us. I have to use shavings right now for bedding, and it's tracking ALL over the house, so I am hoping to do something that is a bit more contained. Fleece isn't an option as I don't have a washer and dryer.. maybe at a later point.

So, here are my questions:

1. Does anyone use shavings with plexiglass bottoms? If so, how easily is it cleaned? I have a couple cages with coroplast bottoms right now, they are relatively easy... but the shavings get kicked out all the time. I am hoping to get a Shopvac for my birthday, if not then, I use a large dustpan to get everything up.

2. How are your sides/bottom connected together? I am not very concerned about leakage because they all tend to find one corner to use, and I haven't had any issues with what I am currently using leaking - I didn't want to have any sealant used because of the Pigs, and my sensitivity to chemicals.
I think the ones that used plexiglass was more for dividers and not the whole cage. I could be wrong.
that's alot of piggies!...pictures?
The bottom of the cage won't have anything to do with the shavings being kicked out -- that depends on the height of the sides.

I think most people glue the sides to the bottoms of plexiglass, but not too many people have a full plexiglass cage because it's so expensive.
Plexiglass is pretty expensive-I just made a ply wood and plexiglass cage, hopefully it will be done today so I can send some pictures, the ones posted now are bad.

With a plywood and plexiglass cage you can make it what ever size/ shape you want, but building can be hard because you can't just use screws or nails you have to use a biscuit joiner. The way plywood is the nails and screws won't stay in the wood, the wood will just split.
I've been looking into building a plexiglass cage as well. I'm waiting for my boars to get a bit older so I can be sure they won't try to jump the 7 or so inch sides. There is special bonding material for acrylic that shouldn't bother you or your piggies. It's not really an adhesive but more like liquid that bonds, creating a true seal. I've also read about people using screws. Oh and if you have a router you could create grooves for all of the pieces to nestle into and then it would take very little to keep them in place. I'm curious about what you find out, I didn't get much response to the thread I started.
Yeah, I know Plexiglass is pretty expensive. I had considered using a plywood and then putting self backed linoleum tiles on top of that (for the floor), and seal it that way. I had planned on doing borders around the edges in wood - also to build shelving that can be easily moved around. I have a ton of pics right now, I haven't been feeling good enough to go through photoshop. I plan on doing that today and tomorrow - I have over 200 I need to sort through.. and I really want to take individual pics also..
The bottom of the cage won't have anything to do with the shavings being kicked out -- that depends on the height of the sides.

Yeah, I know, I was talking about the grids that I am currently using for the sides, not shavings coming out the base. I want something solid for the sides, that still gives the ability to breathe. I was thinking about going to a plastics company and asking if they do discounts on plexi that was already cut for someone else, I wouldn't mind smaller pieces and putting wood in the middle between pieces of plexi to connect them.
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