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Pleased to meet ya!


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May 31, 2012
Hello. I am new here, but I was encouraged to introduce myself so here it goes...

I purchased 2 piggies back in April and was assured that the 2 females I purchased were never around the males. The primary reason I adopted the pigs that I got was because they were looking kind of dishevelled. All of the guinea pigs (12 of them) were missing fur and looked like they were not being cared for properly. So I decided to rescue them. Within 1 week of being with me their hair began to grow back and they made a remarkable recovery. I took them to the vet to get checked out and they got a clean bill of health. I asked the vet to check to see if they were preggers and she said that she didn't think so.

My children were instantly in love with our piggies "Bed Head" and "Torpedo." We loved and spoiled them rotten. :)

Then on May 24th I was cleaning out their cage. I lifted Torpedo out of the cage to notice she was INCREDIBLY fat. She has always been the larger of the two, but man o' man she was big. Then I leaned down to pick up Bed Head and to my surprise there were two babies lying beneath her!!!! I picked them up and inspected them and they looked healthy and furry. That was when it dawned on me...Torpedo isn't fat, she's PREGNANT!!! Sure enough, about an hour later Torpedo began to give birth. Luckily I was able to watch 3 of her 4 babies come into this world. :)

So my piggy journey began with two rescue pigs and now I have EIGHT!!! They have all survived and are healthy and thriving. Even the two little "runts" of the litter that I was quite concerned about are hoppy, happy babies.

My next task is to find/make a MUCH larger cage. I was looking at the C&C cages and the use of coroplast as the cage bottom. I have read the instructions a million times, but I have a question for those of you who have used the coroplast. The way the sheet of coroplast is scored, cut and assembled (using packing tape) how do you clean it out? Does urine or feces get stuck in the corner seams? Currently I am using two "large" cages from my local pet store. I dump out the bedding, wipe it down with antibacterial wipes and rinse clean with water. Since the liner is all one piece I don't have to worry about excrement getting stuck in corners. Will coroplast, cut to fit, be more troublesome? I have looked into getting a crate liner, but the sides are not very high, so I can see my piggies kicking out bedding and what not. I even saw a fairly large cage that you can expand, but the liner is PVC treated canvas and I can see problems arising from using that as well. Any advise or help would GREATLY be appreciated.

I will submit some pics of my piggies as soon as I get them onto my computer. :)
Welcome to the forum! I'm very glad to hear the all your babies are doing well. Make sure you seperate any boys from their mothers and sisters at 3 weeks old. The are fertile at a very young age and can impregnant any females they are around.

As for your question about coroplast. I use fleece as the bedding in my C&C cage. I don't have any issues with urine or feces getting stuck in the corners. The fleece liner absords all of the urine, so there is no risk of it running out of the corner. And as for poops, they just stay well shaped sitting on top of the fleece.

On cleaning day I just lift out the liner, sweep up any poops or hay that managed to get underneath, and wipe down with a vinegar/water solution (much better then antibacterial wipes).

You can find a ton more information in the Cages and Bedding section of the forum. Here's a picture of my cage to give you a better idea of how it works.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Pleased to meet ya!
Welcome to the forum!
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