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Aggression Please if someone could give me some advice.


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Mar 28, 2012
I am new to this site but not a new piggie owner. I have 7 guinea pigs. 4 females and 3 males. My males are quite young still and they are fighting all the time. They have been like this since I introduced them. There names are Mickey, Goofy, and Donald (my daughter named them after The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters). Anyway, Mickey is such a bully. He constantley pesters the other 2. Mickey is 5 months old, Goofy is 6 Months old, and Donald is 4 weeks old. They have accepted him as the dominant but he still mounts them and bullies them around. Will he ever grow out of this? I know they go through a adolescents but this just seems to be his personality. The two older boys are always chasing each other around the cage and chattering their teeth at each other but then they will eat together or sleep together in the same hidy house. If Mickey comes near Donald, Donald starts squeeling and it almost sounds like he is crying but he never fights back. They are in a 2X6 cage. If anyone can give me any advice or ease my mind it would be very much appreciated.
A 2x6 cage does afford them a lot of room, but maybe they just need more...

You're right that boys are more aggressive while going through puberty because they are working out their pecking order. How close it the girls cage to the boys? Maybe they are smelling the girls which is making them more randy.

My youngest pig used to use the screaming tactic to fend off an older bullying pig. I think it's just his best defense system right now to let the older boys know that he doesn't want any part of the fighting.
Thanks for replying:) I have a double decker 2X6 cage with the girls on top and the boys on the bottom. The girls used to be upstairs and the boys in my kitchen. I just switched up the cages to get everyone in the same spot a couple weeks ago and honestly the fighting hasn't increased or decreased. The boys used to be in a 2X4 cage and they fight just as much but they just have more room to chase each other around now lol. And its only Mickey who ever picks the fight. Goofy never starts it he just defends himself and sometimes he will step in to help Donald. I run a business at home and I listen to them fight all day long and little Donald crying all the time. I really don't think the girls are an influence at all with the fighting. I am just worried that they might not be a good fit but then I read it could be something they will grow out of. I just wanted some opinions on what to do.
You could try putting a divider in the cage and put Mickey on one side and the other two on the other. Maybe living close would be enough for them, at least until they grow out of puberty, or Donald gets a little older and better able to resist the bullying.
So I rearranged the cage today. On the very bottom that used to be just a base I added a 2X3 cage(I couldn't make it any bigger because there is a air vent right there) and on the far side is a 2X2 space that I'm just going to add a ramp and make a kitchen for the boys under their 2X6. I put Mickey is the small 2X3 because he is starting the actually bite Donald now.
So my question is how long should I wait before I try re-intoducing him to Goofy and Donald. He is also on grid away from the other cage to be able to see the other boys. Is that ok? Goofy and Donald were so happy when Mickey left the cage. They were both popcorning everywhere and running around so happy. I can tell he has really been stressing both of them out!
It's really awesome that you are so thoughtful of your pigs! Gotta see some pics!
Hey charliespet, I added pictures under another post.
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