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Grids Please i am sick of looking???


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Jan 3, 2012
hey guys my dad made me a cage for 2 guinea pigs thats small so i want to make bigger but i want 2 enclosed levels i know its possible because ive seen it in photos but i need to find grids i live 2 hours away from a town so i need to buy on internet but my dad said its expervince so if someone could find me a sight that would be great i live in australia queensland 
Have you tried amazon.com? or maybe bed bath and beyond - I don't know if they ship to Australia...
I buy them from bunnings but you cant get them online. if your still having trouble let me know and i will see if i could post you acouple of packets. I mean im in nsw but i would be willing to help as a last resort
I just recently bought some grids from soldsmart.com.au these grids are 20x20x30cm each so you might want to get a few. Btw they are cloth not wire but these are the only ones I have found in aus so far that are reasonably priced. Search Oxford shelving or something in the search bar and it might come up.
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