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Rabbits Please Help! Really Worried :(


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Jul 30, 2011
My bunny Snicker has been very quiet today. Usually he is the more energetic one, but he wouldn't even come to the door for food. He was just huddled in the corner, sleeping as it looked like. His stomach isn't hard, so I hope nothing is clogged, but I haven't fed him pellets for a day because I ran out (but my other bunny is fine). His bottom sacks ( sorry for bad vocab) are more enlarged than usual. When I let him loose, he ran around and hopped on the sofa, but then huddled in the corner again. Whenever I tried to pet him in his cage, he ran to his litterbox and lifted his tail as about to pee, but didn't (I didn't think so) and did this a few times. I am just really worried about him. :( I am running to the pet store before they close. Is there anything I need to get to help him and what is wrong with him? I have lost a bunny before to GI Statis and I am just really scared. Thanks
I'd take him to the vet asap, GI Statis can be really bad. Hopefully he will be ok!
He needs to see a vet if he isn't eating and isn't acting normal. Is he pooping? Will he eat anything at all? Does he need to be force fed/watered until you can see a vet?

I hope everything ends up being ok.
He isn't eating or acting himself. :( I cannot bring him to a vet tonight, what should I do to make him comfortable?
Is it that you can't take him to the vet because they are closed? If so, have you looked up emergency vets in your area?

I know that it can be really scary to have a pet that isn't feeling okay. Have you tried to hand feed him? I don't know too much about rabbits (sorry), but I am praying that he will be okay.
Is he pooping?

I found this: (broken link removed)

Lots of information but this might be the most helpful right now:

Mechanical Pain Relief
Frequently a rabbit in GI Stasis simply feels too yucky to eat. The build-up of gas in her gut can be painful and she probably feels full and uncomfortable. There are some extra at-home things you can do to help break up the gas in the tummy, as well as to help stimulate the GI tract and get it moving again:

  • Simethicone (liquid pediatric suspension, can be purchased at grocery stores or pharmacies). Simethicone helps gather and pass gas bubbles in your rabbit’s gut, which will relieve a lot of pain and may be what’s needed to encourage your rabbit to begin eating. It has no known side effects and is inexpensive. Administer 1ml per hour for first three hours, then 1ml every 3 – 8 hours, as needed. You may hear your bunny pass gas: a bunny who poots is a bunny on the road to recovery! We recommend that ALL bunny owners keep some Simethicone on hand.
  • Massaging or vibrating your rabbit’s tummy is one of the best ways to help break up gas bubbles and encourage the gut to ‘get moving’. Sit bunny on your lap or on a towel on the counter and with your hands gently knead your rabbit’s abdomen, as deeply as she will allow. If she reacts in a painful manner, stop. You can also vibrate bunny’s tummy by holding your hand, palm up, under her belly, or one hand on either side of the belly and jiggling as quick as bunny will allow. Do these for as long and as often as bunny will tolerate. Ask your vet to show you where your bunny’s tummy is, it may not be where you think it is!
At about 8:20, I had taken him out of his cage and sat down with him. I was crying ALOT and petted him and spent some time with him. (at that point he looked really bad) My mom said we could take him to the vet if it still persists in the morning. So after I had my session with him, I learned about a bit of care and solutions you could do. I hand fed him about 3 Parsely sprigs over four hours, some hay, and a 50/50 pineapple juice-water mixture. I have also been massaging his tummy. He hasn't been pooping yet, (which is our only concern) but has peed a few times in his litterbox. He is much more alert now and doesn't huddle as much with his head down in the corner and is moving around more also. I spent the last four hours continuously with him, and I am really tired. My eyes hurt from crying and such. I've done all I can, but he seems pretty well off, considering his previous condition. I am gonna get some sleep and check on him in a few hours. Thank you for the prayers and good vibes, everyone, I think it helped his progress. I was just really scared, because when it happened to my first bunny it was just such a shock. He isn't in the clear yet, but is much better than before.

Prayers + Good vibes are appreciated! :)
Get some rest! I hope he makes it through the night so you can take him to the vet in the morning!!
May you both have a good night. keep us posted on how he is.
How's he doing today? I hope he's all right... ❤️
I was going to ask the same thing. How is he doing?
We have a pooping bun bun! :) I haven't checked on him myself yet, but my mom came in and told me he was doing great! So relieved. Yesterday I had put a picture of my old bun bun on his cage to watch over him, and I think it helped. Ill update you again once I check on him myself in a few minutes. :)
Yay! I'm so glad you were able to work him through it.
He is doing his business fine, but still refuses to eat. The only way I can get him to eat is to force feed him while holding him. Should I continue this? Thanks
I would keep feeding him, messaging his tummy and keep some of his favorite foods near by. If he's not drinking you will need to give him that as well. If he isn't returning completely to normal he's going to have to see a vet.
What is he doinng today? Haven't heard anything
Sorry for the lack of updates, it's been quite an interesting 24 hours. Yesterday night, he started to eat his pellets and normal meal. His poops have been a couple mushy ones, but mostly normal ones and he is producing them more regularly. The only concern we have is that he isn't drinking/drinking not as much. He is eating his hay and had a good run around when I put him on his leash, so he is almost better. From my previous posts, does anyone have an idea of what he had so I can further research it to prevent reoccurings? Thank you! :)
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