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please help me with my new cage decisions! :)


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Apr 2, 2012
my little piggie, Lola, has been widowed and i have decided before her new friends move in i am going to make her a 2x4 cage with a 2x2 loft but i have no idea what bedding to use, i have read about fleeces, u-haul pads and puppy pads but am unsure which is best, also i am unsure how to make the plastic cork base, and i am unsure which ramp to go for, i have seen guttering, wooden ones and bent grids, which is best? please help me:)
I'm not sure about ramps and lofts, but I absolutely love my fleece bedding. Initially they're more expensive than a bag of bedding, but they quickly start paying for themselves. Keeps my pigs dry, doesn't smell, I can keep their cage poo-free more easily, and it's also cute. I just use towels underneath. I'm also testing out liners, which make changing fleece a whole lot easier.

Plastic cork base? Are you speaking of the coroplast tray? There are directions on Guineapigcages.com
Make sure you have packing tape (for the corners), a box cutter or something similar, and a measuring tool. It's easy and quick to put together. You can get the coroplast at sign shops, just look in the yellow pages for advertising/sign stores.
yes i mean coro my computer changed it to cork haha! thank you for your help
i have only been using fleece for a few weeks and i love it. when i notice it getting dirty i just take it outside and shake it off, then throw it in the washer. alot easier to clean than shavings
does the hair clog up your washing machine?
My washing machine has never gotten clogged, but be sure to empty the lint trap when you dry it. That's where most of my pig's hair ends up.

Also be sure to vacuum or shake the fleece before you put it into the wash. Vacuuming it with a brush attachment could also help remove excess hair if you're worried about it.
I absolutely love my fleece! After about a year of spending about $80 a month on bedding and the cage smelling after only about 3 days, I decided to try fleece. I use two layers of towels underneath the fleece and I change the cage once per week. I use a litter box underneath the hay racks and change that out every 2-3 days. I sweep/vacuum poop 1-2 times per day. My cage never smells and my pigs seem a lot happier! I also love the colorful fleece.

As far as the washing/drying goes, I go to the laundry mat to clean mine because their machines are high capacity and I can get the fleece and towels cleaner, faster. I shake of the fleece outside before I wash it and their is very little hair left on it.

Another tip, Be sure to wash and dry the fleece about 3 times before the first use and never use fabric softener.
As for the ramp, I'm making one tonight. I'm using bent grids, and I will line it with a folded towel(s) binder clipped to the grids. It will look like this without the towels on top.

[GuineaPigCages.com] please help me with my new cage decisions! :)[GuineaPigCages.com] please help me with my new cage decisions! :)

P.S. That's not mine :p
that looks really really good!
Hi! We just put in a loft a couple weeks ago, I chickened out on bending grids since I heard they have a tendency to snap. I went and got plastic gutter. We cut it to size and used a dremmel to round and smooth the edges and then I glued in the non-slip shelf and drawer liner for grip. They run up and down it with no problems. It was easy and cheap and it's sturdy. The extra gutter we have left over has been great fun for my daughter as a ramp for cars, a slide for dolls and for water play outside :)
i will try that thank you!:)
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