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Flags Please help me flag this guy


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Mar 19, 2017
So last week I asked this guy about a guinea pig he had for sale. Claimed "no one plays with her anymore" and I felt bad for her. Long story short, he sold her to someone else before I could pick up. I frequently check Craigslist, so today I'm looking again. I notice another post from the same area and it looks like the same cage, but he's getting rid of this one because he's allergic to her hay. I hit reply and it pulls up my messages with him from last week!

I keep looking and he's got more posts asking people for unwanted pigs so his family can have them. I know this doesn't make him a breeder but it still isn't right in my book.

Here's the link.
(broken link removed)

I also have screen shots of our messages and proof of what he's doing if anyone needs that.

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