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Behavior please help me be patient


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Nov 26, 2011
the 4 year old boy i adopted 1 week ago, newman, is very very slowly coming around i think. i have him in a 2X4 with my 7 month old jerry. i'm having a hard time mostly because newman is the LOUDEST pig i've ever heard.:eye-poppi i feel bad for him - i don't know his background, but right now, he seems so scared and timid. his loud wheeks, taper off into what sounds like soft cries to me.:weepy: there's no fighting - but every time jerry comes close, newman sounds the alarm. i think over this past week, newman has gotten a little braver, and maybe he's squealing a lttle less. i'm trying to be patient, but i have to admit, it's getting on my nerves - his high pitched wheeking is giving me a headache, :sick: and it's not like jerry's attacking him or anything. i know it's only been a week, and i know it can take 2-3 weeks or more for a new pig to feel comfortable and adjust - please - help me be patient!! :sorry:
This is what my pigs did at first too. When I introduced Fus and Ro Dah to Phoenix and Godric, any time Fus got close to Phoenix, she would scream her head off like someone was trying to kill her, even though Fus was just doing a little sniffing. It got better over time as Phoenix became ok with the idea that there was another top dog in town, and that Fus wasn't going to hurt her. Make sure to keep an eye on Newman and weigh him it make sure that he's not to scared too walk around eating and drinking. Good luck! :D
First off, I LOVE their names! Jerry and Newman are supposed to hate each other :p
I don't know if you're referring to bedtime as opposed to all the time, but I had the problem with loud piggies at night/in the morning. I invested in some good earplugs and now I'm sleeping soundly again. I am not sure how to help if you're bothered by their daytime noises, except maybe give him more time to settle in.. And understand that guinea pigs are very communicative animals and being vocal is how they know to survive in a herd setting. It's a natural instinct for him to sound the alarm. He may never grow out of that, and you need to be prepared for that fact if the sounds are truly negatively affecting your life.
I'm so glad that I adopted 3 rescues that had been housed together. When I put them in with my lone piggy Daisy, they at least had each other. NOw they watch Daisy in amazement-"Look! She's sleeps out in the open! She doesn't hide all the time!" It's funny, watching them learn from Daisy that it's OK to walk around and explore. JUst keep telling yourself that every day it's getting better, and one day you'll realize how fay he's come. Extra lap time might make hiim feel better, too, that he's loved and cared for, and you won't let anything hurt him. Try not to run over to the cage all the time when he screams-as long as you can see what's going on from afar. Otherwise, he'll have YOU trained to come on command (or scream). LOL
First of all, God bless you for adopting a 4 year old pig. I always feel bad for the older pigs who get passed over simply because of their age. I know the babies will be snapped up quickly so when I am looking to adopt, I tend to gravitate toward the older pigs, myself.

As it's only been a week, the simple answer is to just give him some time. He is in a new environment with new people and it will take some time (weeks, sometimes even months) before he gets used to and feels comfortable in his new home.

You can ease the process by watching from far away at first. Then sitting next to the cage, perfectly still and quiet, not interacting. He will take cues from Jerry that it's safe to be out and about when you are nearby.

Ditto on loving those names. Jerry & Newman are perfect for a pair! :)
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