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Wheezing please help - i think my baby is dying


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Dec 24, 2022
my sweet, sweet piggie has been declining in health for a while (she is around 7 and lost her sister/cagemate a few months ago), but today has gotten worse. i have had a feeling for a few days that she is nearing the end, and this morning i woke to find her wheezing a bit and not moving much. she has been less active, so i have been monitoring her, but this evening i found her spasming violently. she has continued to do so for 1-2 minutes on and off for over four hours, and i'm pretty sure this is the end. however, i don't know how to keep her comfortable when she is constantly jerking around and flailing. she won't eat or drink and feels limp so this may be the end of her time, but with the holidays and everything, no vets are open anywhere near me and i doubt there is much they could do anyways since she is so far gone. i don't even know what this is - we thought it was seizures, but they have been intermittent for upwards of four hours, so i am not sure. the muscles in her hind legs also seem to be much weaker, as she can only move with her front and the back ones just paddle. i apologize for the mess that is this post, but i am truly so desperate for advice/consolation now. anything and everything is appreciated.

much love,

I'm so sorry. It does sound like the end is near, and as you say, this is a terrible time to try to find a vet on duty.

The best thing you can do is keep her warm and as comfortable as possible. I'd wrap her in something (unless she struggles to get out of it), and just hold her. You can offer her food and water, but I doubt seriously that she'll be interested in it. Don't try to force it on her -- a body that is shutting down can't use food and drink any way.

Do keep us posted on how you and she are doing.
Thank you so much. She passed only a few hours later after. The spasms has subsided and her breath had gotten much more labored, so it was pretty clear, but I wrapped her up and held her for the last hour or so. She was surprisingly peaceful and I'm so grateful I was there, especially since her sister passed during surgery so I was not able to see her in the end. I am so grateful for the joy they brought me and can only hope they are together again beyond the rainbow bridge.

some photos from when they were young <3


59AD2638-A34D-4EEA-941F-F64166A6C597_1_105_c.jpeg 3B336842-748C-45DA-A78E-81DAA1316000_1_201_a.jpeg B21BC441-43D2-4594-BE23-2219B6F8BC87_1_105_c.jpeg
I'm very sorry you lost her. But I'm so glad you were able to be with her at the end. Thanks for letting us know, and for posting the pictures.
I'm so very sorry you lost her. I'm glad you were with her when she left this world for the Rainbow Bridge. She knew she was loved until the very last moment.
I am new to having Guinea Pigs as pets. Before my Guineas I had a cat for 16 years (from my age of 10-26) named Adidas.

Your post reminds me of his passing so I thought I’d share for some consolation. He was weak and so lethargic in the end. Wouldn’t even budge for salted tuna - his absolute favorite thing on earth. Every now and then, on the last day he would have these intense regurgitations where nothing would come out and I was so worried for him. I began to think this was the end… and no matter what I did to make him comfortable, I felt like it wasn’t enough.

Somehow my little champ got up to use the litterbox. That last time he did, he came back and stopped at the entrance and gave the most pitiful meow I’ve ever heard.

I ran to him and brought him to bed one last time. He passed with me within the next hour I think it was.

Today, six years later, I still ball my eyes out while writing this story.

I didn’t want to have another pet for various reasons (nothing negative I promise). But here I am with two sweet little Guinea babies, because I want my girlfriend to experience having a pet too lol. I know the inevitable day will come but we will have beautiful memories to make along the way.

I don’t know what you believe in, and I respect whatever it is. If you don’t mind me saying, I believe in God, and Heaven and I truly believe (I know!) our fur babies await us, right along side with our human loved ones.

Sorry for the long reply (I’m a writer, can’t help it sometimes). I felt like I could hear the love you have for your Guinea and losing a fur baby is something I do understand.

If you don’t mind me telling you, I said a prayer for you the minute I read your post for peace and grace.

No matter what you believe in, I wish for you to have peace, love, and joy for the season!
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