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Please Help?! Eye Problem?


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Jul 10, 2004
I noticed this yesterday on my piggy.....can anyone tell me whats wrong with him?
got to the vet, i think is the best choice
Its possible he has an infection, i think the vet is the best choice as well.
It looks like he may have the beginnings of a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection). Please get him to the vet asap so he can get medicine to get well. Sick piggies go downhill quickly when they are sick. I hope all goes well and I hope you can get him into see a good vet that is experienced with piggies.
no offense guys, but those of you that never have an answer and only say "take them to the vet" are starting to get annoying. of course i'm going to take him to the vet, i was simply asking if someone knew what the problem was and could tell me what to do to avoid it happening again. thank you ChattyCoco, for giving me an actual explanation! I figured it was an URI but i wanted to ask for advice anyways. Taking him and my other pig to the vet tomorrow night at 11:20. Is $40 a typical price to pay for a vet visit for two guinea pigs?
You are welcome. From some of the prices I have heard $40 for 2 pigs is pretty darned cheap for a vet visit.

Is he exibiting any other symptoms besides the yucky stuff in his eye? Is he eating and drinking ok? I can give you more advice on what to do for him if I know more of the situation. Also how old is he?

He is a real handsome piggie!
Awww thank you! yes he is handsome, and he has the best personality! He is almost 5 years old (in April). He has been eating and drinking ok....the only other thing I noticed is his breathing is a little louder than normal. His squeaking did sound weird earlier too, like he was having a hard time breathing...i made the apointment after i posted this...but the soonest i could get is late tomorrow night!
Just keep a very close eye on him until he can be seen tomorrow night by the vet. I don't know if you have experience with sick piggies or not but I am going to give you a link on what to do in case he decides he doesn't want to eat or drink much between now and then. If his breathing is louder than normal, more than likely he does have a URI and he is probably has some chest congestion.


I really hope this helps and please let us know how he is doing. And it is good that you are taking both piggies in to the vet.
No I've never had a sick piggy before, thankfully. This is the first time in almost 5 years that he has ever been sick. Can you give me any idea exactly what the vet will/can do about this? I just want to know what to look for, and know that the vet knows what he is doing.....i can't have my baby leaving me, i love him so much! thanks for all your help Coco!
Have Pedilyte, pellet mash ready incase he doesnt eat at all. Chatty is a good helper and she knows what to do on helping people. She helped me with my Holly that crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday night. Listen to her for many good word and addvice. Do you have an internet provider that you pay for. If you do you should sign up for Guinea Lynx. You learn alot on there to in many medical questions too., Hopefuly he will be ok and you should keep him warm and comfortable.
I am not sure how knowledgable your vet is with piggies so I am going to give you links to safe and un-safe meds for piggies. I would print it out and take it with you when you go.


I can't really answer as to what the vet will or won't do because each vet is different.
ok thank you soo much!! i just called the vet back and asked if they treat turtles also. They said I could bring both my piggys, and my turtle in for $25 plus whatever else they need. It's an animal hospital and seems to be pretty busy. I'm going to print out that list. Thanks for all your help!! I'll let you know what happens!
Thanks. I hope all goes well with the piggies and your turtle too! Please keep me informed and in case your one piggie starts going downhill tonight or tomorrow, please feel free to email me for help or if you have yahoo messenger just add me. My email is
ly@ mvtel.net (without the space) and my yahoo messenger name is ly_mystical_dragon.
ok thank you SOOO MUCH COCO!!!!! I think he will be ok tonight though...he is still eating like a pig :eek:) and still pretty active so I think he will be ok until tomorrow night....thanks for everything!!! If anything happens I'll contact you! thanks!!!
Heres the update Coco! So I took all the boys to the vet. Turtle is great, Bailey (my other pig) is doing well, and Bardo does have a respitory infection. So they gave him a shot of Bactrim (i think thats how you spell it?) and then they also gave me 3 other meds to give him. They gave me something called SMZ Liquid...and I'm supposed to give that to him 2 times a day (by mouth). They also gave me something called "Predri-drops" and I'm supposed to give him that every day by mouth. The last thing is called "Enalapril" and he gets that every other day by mouth. I'm also bringing him back in a week for a check-up. I ended up paying $55 for the visit for all 3 pets, and the medicine....was that good? TIA!
wow what a deal for the vets. Im glad that your babies are doing great.
Poor little guy! The vet didn't think there was anything further going on besides the URI? The eye looks pretty strange! Hopefully, he heals up quickly with no problem.

Enalapril is a heart medication - frequent URI's can be indicative of heart problems, but it seems odd you would be given this the first time you went to the vet. Did they indicate your pig had a heart problem?

I'm not sure what Predri-drops are. Is there more information on that medication?

SMZ/TMP is another name for Bactrim. How much, and what concentrate did your vet perscribe, and for how long? (dosage info: Bactrim -- (trimethoprim sulfa; SMZ-TMP; sulfamethoxazole trimethoprim; Tribrissen, Septra) Oral Dose: 30 mg/kg q12h (i.e. a dose of 30mg/kg is given every 12 hours, for a total of 60 mg/kg in 24 hours) from Guinea Lynx: https://www.guinealynx.info/medications.html#bactrim ) Generally prescribed for 7-10 days.

You'll want to weigh your pig twice daily (a digital gram scale works best) and be sure he is not loosing any weight, and keep a close eye on the stool. Changes in this or drop in weight could indicate antibiotic intolerance.

Hopefully this information is helpful!
Thank you Amiable! As far as the heart medication, he gave me that because his heart was beating very rapidly and he said that could be a problem. He said the eye problem is just something going on with the virus or URI that he has. He said because it wasn't in both eyes that this is just a sympton of the URI. I'm not really sure what Predri drops are either, i was hopeing someone on here would know. As far as the Bactrim he is getting .1cc twice a day (not sure how many mg/kg that is?). He will be taking that for the next 7 days until I go back to the vet to see if he is progressing. I weighed him before the vet and he was 1 1/2 lbs. Today he is still the same weight. my other piggy has him beat, weighing in at 2 1/2 lbs. He has been eating and drinking normally. Haven't noticed anything odd about his stool and his eye varies every day. Some days it has gunk in it and other days it doesn't. I think he is just very sensitive to different kinds of bedding. I'm actually about to go clean there cage and put some fleece in....so i'll see if there is any improvement in the eye in the next couple of days. Thanks for all the help!
We'd need to know the concentration of the bactrim you have in order to figure out how much he's getting - it should be written on their somewhere. I'm glad he seems to be doing better! Fleece is a great way to go - I am using fleece over a very thick layer of newspaper right now with my personal piggies and really like it . . . ;~) Keep us updated on the little guy!
I use fleece as well too and it is soooooooooo much better, cleaner and easier to clean too. Im always handling the piggies and bedding gets all over the floor and we track it everywhere. My husband hates it when I get bedding all over the floor and when I told him about the fleece Idea he took me to walmart right away to get fleece and we used it since then. its easier for my one girl piggie she is a silkie. Her name is Harriette.
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