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Playing together!


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Jan 18, 2005
As I was waking up this morning to my guinea pigs running around I looked over and they were chasing each other all over the cage. It was so cute, I didn't even think they liked each other because there normally ignoring each other. Does anybody else's guinea pigs do this?
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Thats so cute! I hope mine will eventually like eachother enough to sleep together. How is your piggy disabled?
Mine do "the chase" every evening and wear themselves out. They end up in the igloo together passed out cold after all the running after each other and popcorning.
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Awwww! What a cute piggy. I am soo happy she has a great life with you. It is so great that rescues exist for our little piggy friends.
My pigs chase themselves so much that sometimes it wears me out watching them. Very cute though, I love it.
my pigs are my alarm clocks in the morning! they start running around and wheeking at me to get up! its so cute. i shower and by the time i come back they're beside themselves cause they know they're about to be fed! :)
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My boys push their igloo out in the middle of their cage and chase eachother around it..it is cute to watch.
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