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Play platime


Cavy Slave
Apr 12, 2012
Boy what a difference this little piggie (Tucker) is so much different than the little one we had that passed away in days. Tucker is fat and happy. He talks all the time. I have a care a playpen and I let him run around the tv room. But most of the time he just is inside the house sleeping or resting. What is there to do so he gets out and gets exercise? Can you teach them to walk on a leash? Also I havenot seen him eat any of his wood. But he eats lots of other stuff. Ha the only time this little stinker runs is when you try to catch him to put him up. Any ideas on how to round him up?
Tucker sounds like the average piggy, content to sit around and eat, it's what they do best :)
Is he a lone guinea pig? The best way to get him active and moving is for him to have a buddy to play with. Daily floor time is also good for him. You should NOT use a leash on him, even leashes marketed towards guinea pigs. Their backs are fragile and can be easily hurt. To keep him from becoming overweight make sure he only gets 1/8 to 1/4 cup of quality pellets a day, and unlimited hay.
Hope this helps.
what do u mean wood?
My guinea pig Borat loves to do laps through tunnels, bags with a hole in both ends, boxes open on both ends, and the like. He's normally rather lazy, but he loves it when I set up obstacle courses for him around the perimeter of his playpen during floor time. Maybe try some tunnel-like obstacles for your piggy and see if he seems to have preferences.
Ditto the tunnels and boxes. I put out a bunch of tunnels and boxes with holes in them during playtime, and my pigs go nuts. They zoom around so fast, like little greyhounds.
Leashes are no good for pigs. They can damage their spines.
If I want my piggies to run, all I have to do is start cleaning their cage and move whatever they're hiding under, be it a fleece forest or a pigloo or a tunnel, they start zooming around their cage like CRAZY!
My piggies enjoy climbing, so on their floor time I put a few small boxes together like steps, they love it along with their tunnels! They not only climb up and down and in and out but run around in circles too! :)
Great ideas. I rolled up a magazine into a tunnel and he will run through it in his playpen. I will find some small boxes and make an obstacle course for him. I will have to take out his hding spot so he won't just go and hide.

As for the wood, the wood is what is in the section of snacks for them to nibble on to keep their teeth worn.

He is a only piggie for now. We will be going out of town in June and it will be hard enough to get someone to babysit this one let alone two. Plus I do not have the space for a larger cage. I have a standard cage and then a good size pack and play he hangs out in all day or on the floor with me. Now that is when he will run when I try to catch him to put him up. That is a sight to see. He runs and hides and takes me forever to catch him if I am home alone. I told my little boy we would look into another one when we get back from our travels.
From what I've learned, they wear down most of their teeth with their hay, although toys are still important and do help. Also, maybe your pet would prefer a different type of treat/chew toy- they have preferences to food like we do and he might take to something else better than what he has now.

Piggies need a buddy and I'm glad to hear you are thinking of that. I understand your predicament with care. (Approximately) where do you live? Maybe one of the piggy mottley crew on here would be willing to take care of two piggies for you while you're gone so you can get the second piggy much sooner.
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