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C&C Alternatives Planning on Making a Cage... Need material specs


Cavy Slave
Jun 11, 2012
Hi, I'm planning on making a new cage for my pig Stavros (Tav). I've read a lot about C&C Cages, and I like the idea; however, in my country, the materials are scarce so I'm planning on making my own.

I still am in void of ideas so I'm asking what materials I can use to replicate a C&C Cage. I'm thinking of wood and wire mesh, but people say wood is not advisable as guinea pigs like to chew them (however, I can maybe put some fleece or mats on the wood... or something). Then my next material in question is metal, but pee + metal is just rust material. I'd like to keep the materials be normally found in a construction (I'll just scavenge the materials from my family's construction firm... LOL)

I don't know if there is none or I'm just not searching enough, but if you have any links/threads about making a C&C Alternative made from scratch, I would appreciate it.
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