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pine bedding



pine bedding

is pine bedding ok for my 2 piggies? i read that if you have a cage that is opened up without a lid its alright(i have a c&c cage without a top on it..) but i wanted to know if anyone else has ttryed it
Re: pine bedding

Pine bedding is fine, but I personally don't reccomend tops on any cages, even if they're C&C cages.



"I personally don't reccomend tops on any cages, even if they're C&C cages. "

why? i have a top to my c&c cage with the cubes. what if you have cats or dogs? let they jump in the cage with the gp? or have a lid? :lol:
Re: pine bedding

well theres controversy over the pine and cedar shavings. i've read a lot lately that pine and cedar have oils in them that cause respiratory problems in all rodents that are housed in it. the nice smell to us is what ends up killing them. they say to use aspen shavings instead. there are no symptoms either. we dont know its even happening. now with me, i never knew this till recently and i've used pine and cedar for the past 22 years and all of my rodents except one, lived for about 5 to 7 years. the one that died younger was 2. i'm not going to tell you not to use pine cause i use it too but i guess its a bit of knowledge we should all know.
heres a site that tells you about bedding for piggies. judge for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

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Re: pine bedding

Yes there are differing opinions over pine but I have used it for years with many animals. I don't use it for my guinea pigs or rats because I always end up with most of it all over the floor. Though I used for my first two rats and they lived for almost 4 years which is old for rats.
I think I read somewhere to smell it and if it smells strongly, don't use it. But I could be wrong.
Personally I can't see a proplem with lids if there needed. A lid made from cube grids isn't goning to affect the ventilation. Didn't bother with a lid for mine as I have no reason for one.
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