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Mouth Pimple???

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May 5, 2012
My guinea pig is pregnant AGAIN. We don't know who the father is.
Anyway, she has this pimple on her lower lip [GuineaPigCages.com] Pimple???
That is yellowish white. What is it? Is it normal?
I can't see what you're talking about, but considering your pigs recently had ringworm, I'd explore that possibility.

What do you mean she's pregnant "again"? Why hasn't she been separated from the males? Are you breeding them intentionally?
No she is not the one with ringworm and no I am not breeding them I am pretty
Sure that the 2 other gpigs are female too because they do not rumble and I have
Tested them with the other males the males started rumbling so I'm pretty sure
Her companions are female. I am talking about the white bump on her lower lip
Right underneath the opening of her mouth.
Well, there has to be a male in the group if your pig is pregnant. Do you know how to check gender? You can look here to learn: Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig Please don't put your females with males. A female can get pregnant very very quickly, and if you turn your eyes away for a second, bam, you have a prego pig. This is also extremely dangerous for moms, as they have a 25% chance of death, plus if you don't know anything about genetics, you could end up with a lethal white, they are pigs born often deaf and blind, and have to be hand fed for their whole lives, they often don't live past two years of age. Please don't breed your pigs.
dont base what their sex is on whether they rumble or not. Either have the vet do it
or do it the way say on the main pg
Can we get back to the topic?
People have already given me lectures about breeding and I have visited many
Websites about both pregnancy and telling the gender of guinea pigs.
Plus, my mom tutors kids at our house and those kids are pretty young
They sometimes visit our gpigs unsupervised and could've put the males with the female.
If you want I could post a picture of both Trifur's companion's p parts.
Can you not let the kids have access to the pigs? I don't see how that wouldn't be an option, seeing as this is putting your guinea pigs' lives at stake. To go back to the main subject, I don't see any white-yellowish pimple, you will have to take a closer picture for us to see.
Well, that's the same picture, it doesn't help much, we need one closer up as said above.
Is that better? I don't really have any pictures at the moment.
Mabey you can zoom in? I think you can click on the pic too.
I haven't seen a lesion that looks exactly like that. But it looks red and swollen, which indicates some sort of infection. If it were mine, I'd take her to the vet tomorrow if it hasn't gotten better.
It looks as though it is an infection, as bpatters has suggested. Probably an open sore that got infected.
Can we get back to the topic?

Erm, I think this is pretty important.

You need to sex the Guinea Pigs NOW and separate the Males from Females. Back to back pregnancies are extremely stressful for sows and dangerous to say the least.

See the Sexing link provided, and separate them. Being "pretty sure" means you don't know. Being 99.9% sure means you don't know.

If you can't see for yourself, post pictures and we can help.

But they need to be sexed, NOW.
i hope you take her to the vet for her lip good luck
Yes I know it is important I have checked out the link pig pandemonium
Posted Trifur(pregnant pig)'s companion's part looks nothing like those
Male parts. By pretty sure I mean there's been some weird behavior
Going on one of my guinea pig dragged her butt on the ground but
Now that I saw those pictures I know for sure that she's a female.
Oh, and is there any other option than taking her to the vet to check her lip?
(it costs $77)
There really isn't another option. If you aren't willing or able to take them to a vet when it's in order, you need to seriously consider rehoming them or surrendering them, especially since it seems you don't or can't take seriously the idea of sexing them properly and making sure they stay separated to prevent further pregnancy. The idea of judging whether they are male or female by whether or not they rumble and how they react to one another is laughable.
Taking them to a vet is not my decision.
And, in fact, I AM rehoming them.
Taking them to a vet is not my decision.
And, in fact, I AM rehoming them.

Are you going to rehome all of your guinea pigs?

Looking at the lip I really think she needs a trip to the vet, if she is pregnant and has/develops trouble eating that will cause huge issue. She really is in need of medical attention.
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