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Thailand Pigs looking for a new home in Thailand


Cavy Slave
Sep 4, 2012

This is kind of a long shot as no one as posted in this forum in three years, but here is my story...
I have been living in Thailand for many years and have two guinea pigs, Elvis (boy) who is 2 years old and Framboise (girl) who just turned one. We were supposed to stay in Thailand for many more years but my husband was unexpectedly changed assignment and we must move back to the US. For visa reasons I will have to remain in France (my home country) for a few months before going to the US.
To put it simply bringing my pigs along would be extremely complicated and also dangerous for them, so the best option for them would be re-homing. However pigs are rare and poorly treated in Thailand and so I was wandering if anyone from Thailand or in Thailand is present on the forum and had any connections or ideas on how to find a good home for them here...

None of my friends can take them in as they all have cats and dogs, I could find a family through ads but I'm not sure to which extent they will be familiar and friendly with cavies...



Elvis.jpg framboise.jpg


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Mar 23, 2013
I am not in Thailand, I am in the US (although ironically, I did have a friend return from Thailand like two days ago). I was wondering if it would be possible for your husband to take your pigs with him back to the United States so they do not have a stop over in France? That would probably make your situation less complicated. Maybe, you could see if there was a rescue that was in the area you were moving to who could work with you to care for the pigs while you're in France if your husband is too busy or unable to care for them during your absence. I hope everything works out for your. There are many people who have moved with their pigs across the globe without problems. I even remember reading a few years ago about someone (maybe someone else remembers more) who moved from Australia with their lethal white to North America (I'm thinking Canada, but it could've been the US). Good luck with your situation. I hope you find a solution that is good for you all.