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Injury Pigs got into fight, blood was drawn. Need Help!!


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Dec 5, 2011
I've had both of my pigs for six months and they seemed to be getting along fairly well. They never really had a fight that lasted more than three seconds so I was never really concerned about them.

However, when I came home from work today, there was tufts of brown hair around the cage and one of my pig was huddled up in a corner chattering his teeth. The other one stayed away and whenever he got too close to the the one in the corner, he would get super nervous. The one that was huddled up in the corner has a cut on his snout that wasn't there before. There's also a little bit of dried blood covering the cut.

As of now, I have separated them.

Is it possible for the two of them to ever get along again? Or will I have to keep them separated for as long as they live? If I kept them in the same cage, will they keep fighting?

Thank you to anyone who responds!!

The one that was injured is currently fourteen months old.
The nervous pig is ten months old.
Cage size is a 3x3 C&C cage with a 1&3 top floor.

If you would like, I can also add some pictures of what the cut looks like and see if it is serious or not. Thank you!!
Someone please respond!
I'm sorry your pigs are having a tough time :( It's kinda late here in the states so you may not get a response till morning. I don't have a ton of experience as my pigs are only 8 months old and only ever rumble at each other. I have read a few people separating their boars during adolescence in hopes they will get along later. I feel as though a 3x3 should be big enough, but you could try reintroducing them to a fully cleaned larger cage...? I have my boars in a 2x7 with a 1x2 loft and that seems to give them the freedom to "get away" from each other.

I guess the big questions are - do you have 2 of everything? Like, I would have a water bowl/bottle, food, and hay on the second level just so "getting away" can allow them to stay away without feeling trapped and hungry. Also, you checked him well for any other wounds and it's just the nose?...I'm not sure but some of the more experienced people may say reintroduce soon in neutral territory since it was just a scratch (I could be wrong here). Good luck!!
I'm sorry that your pigs had a fight! A similar thing happened with my two male pigs, Bumby and Mr Fuzzbucket - I came home one day to see Mr Fuzzbucket cowering in the corner, and when I picked him up, the poor thing had bite marks all over him. In my case, we could never get the two to get along. Bumby was just too aggressive. This is not the more common case, though. It is possible that your two pigs will get along in the future.

First things first, the poor pig's cuts. I suggest doing an all over body check, particularly on his sides near the back. There may be more cuts that are being hidden by his fur. The cuts can be treated with iodine. This will help to prevent infection and help them to heal faster as well. Before you apply the iodine, you can flush/wash the wounds with a saline solution. A photo would probably be good, as if they're particularly bad, you should take your pig to the vet.

Having two pigs the same age always makes it harder to get them to bond. You'll need to reintroduce them properly, on neutral territory: Guinea Pigs Social Life. If it is one minor wound, then you can do that soon. If it's more serious, then I would suggest leaving it until his wounds have healed. Others may disagree with that, though.

The bigger the area is for introductions, and for general living (i.e. their cage), the better. Making their cage larger, and of course scrubbing it clean of any pig smells, may help when you reintroduce them.
I took a look at the cut again and it seems more like an accidental wound from the other pig's nails. It's pretty small and I don't think it's serious, but I'll try to get a picture up as soon as I can! I'll also check for other signs of cuts or injuries as well.

Also, how soon is 'soon'? Should I wait a couple days before reintroducing themselves? Or should I just wait twelve hours or so and then put them in a neutral territory and see how things go?

Thanks for the great advice and support SeeSpotSit and Haymonster!
I'm having a similar problem with two of my boars, and it's looking like I'm not going to be able to put them back together. Sweetie Pig is the aggressive pig, and everytime he gets near Bugsy, it ends up in a fight. However, the are both going through puberty, so things may get better once that is done and out of the way.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Pigs got into fight, blood was drawn. Need Help!!
Here is the picture of the cut on his snout. Sorry for the blurriness, he wouldn't stop moving. Does it look serious? I didn't find any other injuries on him.
It's impossible to see the cut.

It's more likely a bite wound, pigs don't really go at each other with their nails. Usually the aggressive pigs are the ones that get bit on the face--the submissive pig, who usually gets bite marks near the rump, finally gets tired of it and turns and goes after the aggressor.

Just watch to make sure the wound does not get infected--look for swelling or discharge.

Perhaps reconfiguring your cage may help? Taking out any houses that have only one entrance and replacing with tunnels is important.

I would go ahead and try reintroducing them.
keep the wound clean and watch to make sure it doesn't abscess. I had a female that developed an abscess on the bridge of her nose from a bite.
Okay thanks! How long should I wait before reintroducing them to each other again? And what do I use to clean the cut? Should I just wash it a little with water?
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