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Coroplast Pigs chewing coroplast


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Oct 22, 2011
There's a hole about 3cm by 2cm that my pigs have chewed into the side of their loft since the beginning of November. It's behind the fleece forest so I didn't notice it until now. How dangerous is this? Obviously coroplast is not a great nutritional thing for them, but are we looking at vet visits down the road because of it?

Is the next option then to put the grids inside the coro to keep them from it?
Mine take an occasional nibble, but in over years, haven't consumed a hole nearly that big. They do, however, eat an enormous quantity of paper plates!

Could you maybe pull the fleece forest out from the wall a little? If they're not totally hidden by the fleece, maybe they'll let it alone.
I'll give it a try. Otherwise I'll have to revamp it and put the grids inside...not sure how that would work with the loft.
You could also get a piece of fabric and cover it up so they can no longer have access to it
Does it look like they started chewing from the top and worked their way down? You could try sliding on some of these (they come in white or black):

(broken link removed) (if you only want to get a few)

https://www.amazon.com/C-Line-34447-Slide-N-Grip-40-Sheet-Capacity/dp/B0006HWA4Q (if you want to do the whole cage, this might be cheaper)

You might be able to find black ones at Michaels too, but probably not Office Depot or Staples, oddly.
Yes, it started at the top and has extended downward.

I guess the first step is to cover it with fabric to see if it helps (they might just start chewing on a different location). Otherwise, I'll order the clips and see if that works.
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