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Weight piglet cross GIANT!!!


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Apr 2, 2012
my piggie mia had a baby last thursday(21st) just the one, hes a boy, shes a big girl herself but he already weighs a whooping 272g! ive read some where you should take them out at 250g/3 weeks which ever comes first but hes only just a week old, what should i do?
Well he's over that weight limit so I would take him out now and put him in a different cage.

He did gain weight fast haha! :)
I'd let them stay together a bit longer. I don't think it would do any harm and it will give his mama time to teach him some manners. My pig also had babies on the 21st, and now that they are older she will scold them for bothering her too much (They like to sit on her and chew her hair).
Leave him in until three weeks -- maturity has almost nothing to do with weight.

And reweigh him -- 272 grams is unheard of for a newborn guinea pig. How much does Mia weigh.
mia is nearly 1000g, he isnt newborn, hes just over a week old now
Then I really think you've made a mistake with his weight. Try weighing him again and see what you get.
ive weighed him nearly every other day since he was born expect yesterday cause i was out.
22nd 161g
24th 181g
25th 210g
26th 236g
27th 242g
30th 272g
he's 282g today
that sounds really off /: unless because he was the only pup, he's awfully big. He also has momma all to himself too, which could be why he's gaining weight fast.
ive got a pic of him on the scales to prove it, ill upload it later
Is your scale set properly? Thats a really big weight.
yes, they are digitaL ones
I don't see anything impossible to believe about the weight. I would just wait until he's 2 1/2 - 3 weeks old and separate him and don't worry about his weight. The earliest he could impregnate his mom would be 21 days, no matter what his actual weight is, so just be sure and separate at or before that date and there should be no problems.
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