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Piggy's playtime!


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Oct 29, 2011
Hello everyone! I'd like to show you my baby boy during his palytime! Piggy's playtime!
Piggy's playtime!
Piggy's playtime!
Piggy's playtime!
Piggy's playtime!https://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/834/dsci0272o.jpg/


Awwww he's ADORABLE!!!!!! I love the look of long-haired piggies, but I just wouldn't be able to stand the grooming :p power to ya!
that is the most adorable set up and a very handsome pig! :3
I just wanted to add, that once I looked past your handsome little boy, I really like your fleece hut and your teeter-totter, and your cuddle cup and couch, and the white picket fence is really cute. Basically, I like all of your toys. And your piggie :p
Aww thank youu! Piggy thanks too! It's not so difficult to groom a long haired pig, I just cut his hair once two months and I brush him everyday :) Thanks for the compliments of the furniture too, I handmade all of them except for the teeter-totter! :)
I love all of the toys and the pig! But how did you make all of cuddle cup type things?
I hand-sewed them and I used foam rubber and pile :)
Aww! Where did you get the little white-picket fence?
I bought them in a LIDL discount here in Sardinia :)
Wow ! :eye-poppi What a beautiful piggie, my gosh is he a handsome fellow !!:) Oh man...and your set up--- and the lovely yet very practical toys and houses and such you made-- are just AWESOME !!
I love the house you made and how it matches your cuddle cup! So cute! :)
Beautiful boy he is!! Love your play area. I bought my pigs a pet pillow after seen them in Kathlaaron's cage and they won't give it the time of day. Silly piggers.
Really like you cuddle cups and what you have done. Awesome.
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Thank you everyone for the compliments :) you are all so nice! :)
AMAZING play area!
Thank you very much! :)
That looks like so much fun for your piggie! I wish my boys would even move during play time :( Every time I put them down for floor time, they move less than when they're in their cage. I'm hoping as they get older they'll explore more like your little guy.
Did you tried to put some vegetables hither and thither in your play area? :)
I really love your cage :love:
I've used quite similiar mini fence for my piggies cage.

And I also love you piggies pillow ;)
Thank you so much! :eek:
wow hes sooooo adorable hes like a fluff ball :D
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