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Piggy sitter?


Cavy Slave
Dec 4, 2004
My husband and I are planning on going on a trip for about 8 days in May and I am feeling sick about who will take care of my piggies (and my cats). I feel less anxious about my cats because they are more independent and most people know how to feed & water cats and clean out the litter boxes. My concern is that most people don't really know how to take care of guinea pigs. I don't feel that stopping in once a day is good enough. Are there pig sitting services or anything like that? Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks in advance!
Depending on how many pigs you have , you may be able to take them with you, or maybe one or two. You could get someone you trust mabea neighbor or something, and give them a little care pamplet type thing to tell them what to do.
Unfortunately if I was in that situation I would have no one to care after my piggies. I would just have to put 5 water bottles on the cage along with 5 pounds of hay and 10 dishes of food. There would be nothing more that I could do. I would just make sure they had enough of everything. I am sure for one week they would be fine. They may have sore throats from all that wheeking for their veggies, but what can you do.

You know, now that I think of it, what about the poops that have to be vacuumed up. I have 3 levels, I would have to close off the top levels so they would have to stay on the bottom, at least there are shavings under there and I wouldnt have to worry about poops. I think I would be miserable on my vacation, constantly thinking about them. I cant for the life of me think of what I would do.

The only other thing I could think of is maybe set up another smaller cage at someones house where they might be able to look after them there. I probably would have to beg my mother to care for them at her house. I dont know if she would though.

Good luck!
Depending on where you live there may be boarding kennels which may be able to take good care of your piggies while you are on vacation. I know that in my town there is a boarding kennel, which also happens to be a vets office which will take care of many animals for a small price so long as all is supplied to them (some only take cats and dogs so you have to check around and do some checking up on them, like asking if they have any references from past clients). This way you know that they are getting the best of care, at least I know that mine would. I am not sure if this option is open to you or not, but it may be something worth looking into because 8 days is a long time to a piggy. I have yet to have to use this service myself, but I would trust this particular business and there may be one in your area that you can trust just as much.
Unless you really truly know your kennel or vet, there is no way on this earth I would ever leave my piggies there. I have left dogs there a few times, I had no choice, and they would always come home with a respiratory problem. I know this is common among kennels, but I couldnt imagine a kennel taking the time to feed piggies veggies, hay and pay any attention to them while they are there. Also I would be afraid they may catch something, mites, colds, whatever.

If anyone happens to live in NYC and know of such a kennel or vet please let me know. And if you do know of a place where you are then you are very lucky.
My local GP rescue offers boarding to adopters. Maybe something like that exists in your area.
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Check with the people who work at your vet. A couple of the women who work the front desk at my vet do pet sitting on the side. When we go away they come 2x a day to feed the animals. Considering it was $15 per day to board the animals at the vet which with 4 cats, a dog and 2 pigs was WAY too much, the $20 per day for all the animals was a great deal. They all got to stay in comfortable familiar surroundings and I didn't have to worry about them.
I would babysit anyone's piggies if they lived near me, but cleveland is quite a distance from where I am at so it doesn't help you to much though :(
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