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Want a Guinea Pig(s) Piggy Play Date


Cavy Slave
Apr 4, 2012
I want my piggy Bugsy to have a cage mate but im not allowed to get another piggy. i thought about getting together with people in my area so our piggies could have playdates but i dont know anyone. if you live in or near toledo,ohio let me know.:)
I've heard that if you let your lone guinea pig play with others, then separate them, it will really stress them out. I waned to have a piggy play date as well because Ginger is a lone pig right now too, but I was told not to.
i was also curious about that - i've never heard mention of play dates, but i have heard lots about how tricky it is to have guinea pigs get along, and how stressful that can be. they're not like dogs that way. i would be reluctant to try play dates myself. just curious - why can't you get another pig? there's only a slightly bigger cage needed, and the other cost differences between 1 and 2 pigs is hardly noticable. but if you really can't get another pig - just any extra play or lap time you give them would be fine would think. some pigs actually prefer being alone - there all so different.
my mom wont allow me to get another piggy since we have so many pets already
Guinea pigs aren't social animals like dogs, who really enjoy getting together and playing. It takes a while for guinea pigs to warm to each other, and even then, they don't play much.

The "play dates" that are suggested on here are when an owner has a single pig and is looking for a personality match. An experience rescuer can often find another pig that will get along with the single, and can arrange for the owner to bring their pig in to check things out. That's a far cry from "getting together with people in my area so our piggies could have playdates."

All I can say is, mine aren't available for play dates. I can't think of anything they'd enjoy less.
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