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Piggy Obsession :(


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Jan 24, 2010
So, I just feel like venting. I know I am just putting myself through this needlessly.

I have always REALLY wanted a guinea pig with long hair. I didn't get one with Maggie because I couldn't find one. I'm being honest when I say Indra was the last guinea pig I ever would have picked out of a group because she was the opposite of what I wanted. However she is AMAZINGLY adorable to me now.

Financially if anything ever came up I wouldn't have a problem taking any of my piggies to the vet, and I have never had to worry about feeding them or providing for them.

I know even if I lost my job tomorrow I would have backup ways to make ends meet using my degree. I have done them before. They just kind of suck.

I have been eyeing a little boy piggy with longish hair on petfinder for months. I tried to talk my boyfriend into adopting him but he really wanted another girl piggy so that is what he got.

However, I don't need him, and I feel like as much as I want him, and as much as I could realistically have him, I feel like I am being excessive in considering adopting him.

With that said my boyfriend also has two guinea pigs.

I guess I am thinking, when we move in together we will have four guinea pigs as it is. Add one more that is five.

Still, I am not worried about money at all, just, excess.

It is just really bothering me for some reason and I feel really weird that it is.

I have it in my mind that it would be perfect if I just got a little long haired male piggy. And I think the problem is, in the back of my mind, I have always thought this, but refused to admit it. I don't want to be a crazy guinea pig lady any more than I already am. However, sometimes I feel like if the shoe fits I might as well wear it.

Someone help me rationalize this obsession out please.

Part of me has told myself, if I still feel this way in a year or so, to go for it. At the same time I have felt this way since before I even got Indra. Now my obsession has a picture to go with it which makes it worse. However, I am sure it will have some type of picture no matter what.

My boyfriend is going to read this and shake is head at me. We have had this conversation before, not that is helps though because I really don't think he has an opinion on a 3rd piggy.

Help :( I feel greedy and obsessed.
Maybe getting a 3rd will full-fill your guinea pig experience, if you are so bothered by not having him, then, just get him:) Maybe it's destined! :D I say, Go ahead! Be proud to be an crazy piggy owner ;D
Hey MaggieMae I agree with Maddy'sCavys whole heartedly - maybe this little is MEANT for you and that is why you feel bad about not getting him, when you really do want him - HIM - what if you shucked the greedy and negative rationalisation feelings and had a good look at the excited aniticipation that is underlying the link between you and this piggie who has captured you so? for so many months...? what if you did say yes and you adored him his whole life? you would end up feeling blessed - which is very far away from greedy and regret... GOOD LUCK let us know... really there isn't a solid reason to say no is there? only an assumed excess which might actually turn out to be completion of your very long held desire, which would feel wonderful... what if your long held desire has delivered you this perfect piggie who is waiting for you to let yourself be yourself...? Thats my rationalisation for you...
I think piggies are like tattoos. Once you get one you are always looking for your next one. I got one piggy by accident (he was abandoned), hubby swore high and low we had to find him a good home, but then 2 weeks later he said Doodles needed a buddy, so we got one. Now he just asked me if maybe we could get a third.. I didn't want a pet! I didn't mean to fall in love with guinea pigs! I had no desire to have a giant C&C cage in my KITCHEN! But here we are. Crazy cavy people!

I would LOVE a 3rd piggy, HOWEVER, in 2 years we want to start travelling every summer (I'll be a teacher like my husband and we're not planning on having kids) and I would hate to make my piggies someone else's "problem" every summer. My piggies are a lot of work, like most ;) They will need babysitting for the first few years, since Tux will only be 3 yrs old in 2 years, but after these 2 boys, I don't know that I want to be in a cycle of getting new piggies. Maybe this sounds heartless, but I'm trying to be realistic, this is why we weren't planning on pets and why we never got the dog we both crave. I'd also like some bunnies.

So as much as I want a dog, 2 bunnies and another piggy right now, I know that we should hold off. I know that is the right thing to do for our pets. I'm committed to my current piggies, I love them to tiny bits, but I don't think it's fair to commit to even more.

Maybe try to move in together first, get your 4 piggies situated and see how much room you have left. 3 boys need a lot more room.
Nicolene, I agree with you.

It is my fear of the future. In one way I could say, I will have to make room for my piggies now, but on the other hand I could say what is one more.

I too, want a dog but don't see it happening anytime soon. At some point I want kids but I don't see that happening anytime soon for several reasons. I don't see vacations in the next couple years being an issue but small out of town trips to see family (1 or 2 days) I can see a lot of.

If I got him, I would have enough room for him right off the bat.

It is just the fear of the unknown and possibly having 5 guinea pigs in my hands (or our hands). Our lives revolve around these little lumps of fur. Or homes have become centered around giving the piggies enough room. Rooms have been devoured by guinea pig cages and accessories. However, that doesn't always mean, no matter how much you want to provide them, you can actually pull through and do it all the time given life changes.

I know this at least, I need more time to think about it. I kind of wish I had a reason, a good solid reason, not to want him. Haha.

Sadly I also agree with the others on here. Maybe I just need to suck it up and try to adopt him. Maybe it is what my little piggy family needs? I don't know! Sigh...
MaggieMae I know exactly what you mean! My boyfriend is the one that convinced me to get guinea pigs in the first place and technically one of my four is his. However, we were talking the other day and he's looking into renting the basement apartment from his parents in a year or so. He asked me to move in when he does and I was ecstatic. In talking about this more he basically told me that there's no room in the apartment for the guinea pigs and they would have to stay at my parents house. Needless to say there was an extremely long fight that followed.
Now I'm not saying don't get the 3rd piggy! The more the merrier! But personally I'm going through hell because within a year I have to choose between living with the man of my dreams and living with my guinea pigs. It is a tough call! Try to think of what will be best for the piggies. Will you have enough room to house 5 piggies comfortably? Will they all get along? I wish you the best of luck! I personally hope you are able to give another great piggy a great home!
idramaxx0 -

I think my bf and I can both agree that we would rather have our piggy cages than even a kitchen table or something. I have yet to see an apartment in my city that I couldn't fit my piggies in, that I would also be willing to share with my boyfriend.

Call me selfish but I would rather not murder my boyfriend, as nice as he is, over not having enough personal space. Of course, where you live makes a huge difference in what you can get for your money.

However, I know many people, who live in really cheap apartments that would all be 100% accommodating of a piggy cage or two (Just not much else). The bigger question is how many landlords would be okay with 5 guinea pigs. (On that subject, would 5 be a bigger deal than 4?).

I know of places that would be okay with it. I know they are out there. I just don't want to be extremely limited because of it either.

If my boyfriend had his way there would be guinea pig sky walks and cages going under couches and up on counters and over the bed and into the bathroom. I told him when he wants to clean out all of those "sky walks" he can go ahead and build them. I think we let our piggies dictate our life more than we should. ;) I can see our future apartment looking more and more like a gerbil cage....

I am very sorry you have to make that choice. I would think there would have to be a way to bring them with!!! I wish you luck! And thanks!
The only thing I'll add is that unless you have him neutered, they will not be able to have floor time together. Do you have time to have two floor times? For me time is the bigest issue. My zoo has a room of their own, and supplies and vet bills are not my issue. but i've said no to more pets because I don't have more time to give them more attention. but if you have the time - go for it.
The plan was to neuter him, but once again, not 100% sure I want to do that to a little piggy.

I think maybe I am going to wait. :( Sorry lil' furry cuddly mr piggy buddy... Maybe I will change my mind in the near future.
GGMP = gotta get more pigs, and once you get it it's stayin' for good. If you really love this guy and know you can afford it (that is, financially and time-wise), I say go for it. Just know you'll always be eyeing the adoptable pigs--but you have to draw the line somewhere.

The one thing that stops me from getting more pigs is that I just don't have time for more than I have. Some days it's hard to make sure they all get plenty of out-of-cage time with my four guinea pigs right now (my limit).

The thing I've learned from having guinea pigs is that you learn to work them into your schedule. They become a part of your life, and somehow you make sure they get what they need no matter the circumstances. I have a friend who is a full-time teacher with a 40min commute, yet she fosters over twenty guinea pigs for a local rescue. With the help of her husband and a friend who is going to vet tech school and needs the hours of experience, they make it happen.

What makes it a bit more of a hassle for me is that one girl refuses to get along with any other pig (to the point where she attacks other pigs) and so she has to have her own separate cage, which means another cage to clean and her own separate run time. With the other three girls, they just live together and can do run time together so it takes up less time. If you could have him neutered (if he's young enough and in proficient health), then that would make the whole situation much easier. Neutering can be a good decision (if the pig is healthy enough), so don't feel bad about it if you decide to have him neutered.

Good luck with your decision! I know that whatever you choose will be the right one. GGMP is such an annoying disease. :p
The only thing that would worry me is if this guy didn't get along with any of your pigs. I have five pigs, recently adopted the fifth one, and she refused to get along with any of my guys except for one. While the plan was to seperate the herd into two, if I had wanted them to be in one big group that would've really messed up my plan.

Except for the second cage cleaning, I haven't noticed really any differences, except that food goes a little bit faster. (Not too much, though) Hay goes by a lot faster, since it is two seperate cages that have to be full at all times, but since I get hay from my horse's timothy bales it works fine.
Just get him! You love your pigs and take good care of them.
You really didn't think too many people here would tell you not to. Did you?:D

I also think you should get him.
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One thing I've learned is pigs are happier in large herds and become easier to take care of. Having 5 is easier for me than having one, yes food goes by quicker but everyone is happier and easier to take care of and I don't have to feel horrible if I stay out a little later because they have one another. My play pen collapses and I take them with me more often than you'd think and put together where ever I'm going to be for awhile. The important thing for me is that they are happy, in the wild they live in larger herds. I say get him, odds are it will be easier unless he doesn't want to live with anyone else.
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