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Apr 16, 2012
Hey, as the handle suggests, I'm a critter lover. I have a dog, his name is Sunny, and two turtles that we are currently trying to rehome as neither of us is able to handle the task of cleaning their tank any more- it's too big for me and he's not home much. We've been watching my sister's dog but are making movements to have her put down. She's too ill and miserable and I don't want her to suffer any more.

We need to get situated first, but as soon as we are, we plan on getting 2-3 (preferably 3) piggies. A lot of time and thought has already gone into this idea. I have a disability which makes it impossible to work and this house is deathly silent during the day. I did a lot of research into the animals that I was most interested in and guinea pigs were the best match.

Hubby works construction, which means he's not working during the winter, and he's trying to find a better alternative. We may have a lead nearby and I'm hoping he'll take it! We will be getting piggies after he is well established in a better job.

Before we get a piggy, we will have an outdoor run (for fun in the sun only), a C&C cage (yes, I noticed the warning about 8x8's and 5x5's), a healthy stock of supplies (food will be purchased just before we get the piggies so it doesn't go bad) and money saved aside in an emergency fund for vet care. I'm going to make sure these piggies don't lack for any thing!

While I wait for hubby to get a job, I'm continuing to do research so I'm well educated by the time I have my piggies and putting any kind of spending money that comes my way towards the end goal. I'm willing to learn and am excited about the prospect of having such a wonderful critter in our home.

On one final note, I did work at a small critter rescue in our area. I worked there for several months cleaning cages, washing/filling water bottles and feeding. If I can take care of a rescue full of animals (for the most part it was the one woman and myself), I know I can take good care of 2-3 piggies in our home. We also fostered a few piggies for her for a couple of days so we know what it would be like to have them living in our home. I'm not jumping into this blindfolded, I've learned so much already and am looking forward to learning even more!
Welcome to the forum! Good luck on your husband getting a job so you can be a loving piggy momma!
Sounds like you've got a great plan in place. I hope the job works out for your husband, and good luck on finding the perfect piggies to add to your household.
Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your soon-to-be-adopted piglets :p
Welcome to the fourm it is great here and you will find lots of helpful information to help you out
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