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Behavior piggy joy!


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Mar 4, 2012
I just came in from dropping my husband off of work. I close the front door to a chorus of wheeking. The loudest is little Tony. I guess he's decided he will be top Pig and the dominant of all of them..because he does most of the talking lol.

Anyway I go downstairs to see them, (today is grocery day btw) and he's wheeking like mad (It's veggie time but we're out till I buy more) and I"m like "I know you want karrot, I will get you some more soon don't worry" And he just starts popcorning all around the cage like he understood me lol.

I do understand the funny parts about Boars now. Even though Tony and Rhodie are still little. (We renamed Pepper to Rhodie to fit with the whole Iron Man theme) This morning, I picked up to snuggle Rhodie a little, then I put him back and Tony started butt sniffing..Rhodie rumble strutted then Rumble popcorned, then did the same to Tony, he rumble strutted then he rumble popcorned. Rumble-popcorning is hillarious. Brrrr WEE HAPPY Brrrr stay off my butt YAY HAPPY! BRRrrrr you like my butt yAAAAAAAAAY *poing poing poing*

The girls are much more sedate. They're cuddly but they don't nearly pull as much antics as the boys do. The boys are still quite young though...
That's so cute ! My pigs bur and popcorn too, my male does it. My female is the dominant one, so she is ALWAYS wheeking for veggies. Everytime I walk into my room she's wheeking. I can hear her from the first floor sometimes !
Your pigs sound addorable.
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