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Fleece Piggy Bed Spreads


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Jan 3, 2010
So I know that many people wonder are the realy Piggy Bed Spreads worth the hight cost. I have been using them for ove a year now and love them... but the true test came when I was away over the holidays. I only have one extra so when I go away some times a cage gets my old fleece. My "old fleece" is two layers of fleece with 1-2 layers of towles in the middle. well having changes a cage tonight (friday) that the sitter says she changed on Monday night, the fleece had soaded thought to the colorplast and I needed way more time to clean that than I ever do with the bed spreads. Normally I only have to spot clean arounf the edges... but with my "old fleece liners" I needed to spray down and soak and dry the entire cage.

Also, the cage cleaned one monday smelled as bad or worse than the one that had a bed spread and was 7 days post cleaning when we got home.
I've thought about getting one b/c if they last to years and i'm getting one for $69 it's only like $3 a month! But it's a little much to pay up front, besides, what happens if you expand your cage?
I love my piggy bedspread! I have tried quite a few bedding situations in my girls cage and this is by far the best in my opinion. I was a little worried about the hair which isn't a problem with my satin shortahired piggie but my longhaired silkie is another story but it is very easy to get off with a lint roller that's made for pet hair.
What is better about the piggie bedspreads vs just regular fleece?
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