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Piggies now home and hiding.. what do I do?


Cavy Slave
May 25, 2004
I bought my new piggies home today. I took them out of the box they were in and the bolted right away into their pigloo. They have not moved since, which was over 2 hours ago. They haven't made a sound in there..

Should I lift up the Pigloo and encourage them out for food and water? Should I pick them up for a cuddle? Or should I leave them alone until tomorrow?
I would leav them alone until tomorrow but then start cuddling with them. Put a towel on your lap when you do so that if they get spooked by something they can hide a bit. I have found it makes new pigs more secure at first. It is important to start cuddling them soon so that they learn to trust you and to associate you with something pleasant.
I left mine alone for a day and then started bringing him out to hand feed him veggies at least once a day. Yea bribery! I figured that would make me a welcome sight.
Okay, they don't seem to be getting any braver...

They have spent all today huddled in a Kleenex box I put in the cage for them. They have only eaten lettuce that I put in there (they refused to eat it when I offered it to them during a cuddle. In fact, they seemed to hate the cuddle). They have not touched a drop of water in 24 hours.

I am a bit worried. Last night one of them dashed around for a little bit, but mostly they have either huddled in the Pigloo, or now, in the Kleenex box.

What should I do? Is this normal? How long will it be until they settle in?

(I'm so anxious about this - it's nuts!)
I weighed mine daily when the were new so I could make sure that they were gaining weight. They may be drinking water when you're away and they don't need a lot so you might not notice it missing from the bottle. If you see them gaining weight, you can be sure that they're OK. You need a scale that can see small changes. I used my Weight Watchers scale and it worked great. I weighed them in grams so it was easier to see the magnitude of the changes.
Any ideas about when they will calm down?
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u should leave them alone for the 1st day. let them used to the new environment.
I'm pretty new at this too

I've been through very simular anxieties. My guinea pig Hughbert was extremly anti-social for the first week, stayed in his cardboard house we had made him, wouldn't even eat or drink if we were around!

I was also very worried that he wasn't drinking enough, so i got a water bottle with the measurments on the side and filled it up to the same spot every day so i could see if he had touched it at all. I also gave him vegtables with a high water content, celery, or you could try watermelon. But make sure that you make it a point of cuddling him (or her) everyday, that way they get used to it, and it's been only over a month now, but Hughbert is now taking food from me and not hiding 24/7.

I have also heard another way to help the problem of anti-social pigs, is to take away the house while you are in the room, or there with them, then put it back when you leave or at night etc. then they get used to being out in front of you. But anyways, just some suggestions, and to let you know it will get better! :D
Well, they are getting a bit better..

We took away 2 of the hiding places yesterday and they did run around a bit more. We had a couple of cuddles with them. Chewy likes to cuddle more than Gus does - Gus gets fidgetty and starts to quiver. We also made a point of reaching into the cage and just petting them in there, so they don't always think that us reaching in means they are being picked up. Sometimes they didn't mind that - sometimes they went nuts and dashed around trying to avoid us.

They haven't drunk much water (I fill it up every day and then see how much it goes down) but they are eating a lot of pellets and veggies. They didn't think much of the piece of orange I gave them though!

We seem to be obsessed with them, instead of watching TV we now covertly watch what the piggies are doing! I keep catching my husband talking to them when I'm out of the room!

Thanks for all the advice, I am so looking forward to when they start to like us and interact more.
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