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??? Piggies hide instead of run with floor time!


Cavy Slave
Oct 30, 2011
Should I take out their hideys and tubes to make sure they have play time? I tried luring them around with some veggies, but they grabbed them and ran. ??? Piggies hide instead of run with floor time!??? Piggies hide instead of run with floor time!
How long have you had your babies? Floor time might be something brand new to them, and being prey animals, they are apt to hide when they feel scared.

Just keep it up and hopefully they will start moving around some more as they get more comfortable with you and their surroundings. If they don't seem to warm up after awhile you can adapt their play area to help them feel safer, Like making long tunnels or connected hideys they can run through or make a sheet tent over their play area.

Just keep in mind they won't pick it up over night, and to be honest, some never do.
Colleen, mine are over two years old, and they're still grabbing the food and running. Yours may come to enjoy floor time, and they may not. Floor time is an epic fail at my house, and I've tried every trick I've ever read or could think of. They just. will. not. move. when. they're. on. the. floor.
Mine were like that at first, after awhile they started to get into it. You just got them yesterday right? They are probably very freaked out about everything right now but they will warm up. Just leave them alone on the floor they might start moving around in a little while.

Cute pictures BTW!
Thanks! They're perfectly fine being held - they both love to just hang out on my lap - they really appreciate when I put my snuggie on my lap and make a little cave for them there. But they were really freaked out by floor time!! Vanilla started to sniff around very cautiously just as it was time to be done - time to pick up my diva dancer and get the house cleaned!
Hi Everyone,

I assume by saying this that I'm not saying something new that you are not aware of but, just in case:

My girls do floor time on a flannel sleeping bag in the bathroom. They will not, ever go on the tile which is sort of handy as I can rely on them staying put on the sleeping bag. When I put them on the floor for a moment on a towel, when I have other things to do for a moment, this is on a laminate floor, they also wouldn't go off the towel even though it's kind of small. So, I assume, when you all are trying floor time that it's on some sort of padded surface, not a slick one?

No need to answer if a slick surface is not the problem.
I put fleece down over my kitchen floor and then let the boys have at. I don't think I've ever sat them down on the tile. I know my rabbits hated slick floors. They use to hop so slowly right along the wall to get across the kitchen.
King-sized polyester blanket. Feels just like fleece.
The play area I made is a bunch of cubes made into a fence area and I put down newspaper, then a couple yards of fleece over the paper, then a tunnel, box, paper bag and some veggies scattered around. They took the veggies and RAN!
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