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Keeping Cool Piggie Safety: Plans for Severe Storms


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Feb 25, 2012
Well, I live in a valley but a severe thunderstorm just rolled through. Very rarely we will have tornadoes here, however I am worried that the piggies and I may have to hide in a closet (I have no storm cellar, but a small interior closet in the bottom floor of my house).

Anyway, if I needed to take shelter, I would put the pigs in their carrier, which was made for cats and has a special fleece insert in the bottom which absorbs liquids. However, I'm not sure what I would need to have with me. The last time shelter was needed, I was in the closet for about an hour, going in and out at a moment's notice.

For now, the storm has stopped. However, it started really quickly and I think that more could form just as unexpectedly. What should I have ready for the pigs?

Thanks! Quick answers are much appreciated. I will update this as the storm system progresses.
I'd grab some food and water just in case. Hope all ends well with you tonight. I know it's scary.
Id grab hay, pellets, water, and if you can some watery veggies incase you run out of water , oh and some frozen water bottles incase it gets to hot for the pigs just put them in or near the carrier
Heres a link for first-aid kit maybe it will give you some ideas? https://www.guinealynx.info/supplies.html Good luck stay safe!
I would definitely bring lots of water, food, hay etc. Make sure you have some food or something too. Please stay safe ! I hope everything is okay.
We have tornadoes where I live, so the siren goes off about 3+ times a spring season. The supriseing thing to me is that we have had no tornado sirens go off yet this season!

Anyway, if it starts to storm outside, or even looks like it might storm, I gather up nail clippers, a large full water bottle, a smallish bag of hay, and some pellets. I put all of that into a bag that I will take with me to the tornado shelter.
We get tornados here though (knock on wood) none never hit my town directly. We had a bad storm the other day and I was just gonna grab the pigs in their carrier, cats in theirs, dog in the bathroom and go hide in the closet. A supply bag is a good idea though....i'll have to put one together now.
Alright! The piggies and I made it through last night completely fine. We are up for some more severe storms today, but I don't think that we'll be having tornadoes today either.

Thank you all for the tips. If any more storms come through, I'll be sure to prepare. Thank you so much!
We rarely have tornadoes here, but I only live eight miles from the Gulf Coast, so have to be prepared for hurricanes. We're in a mandatory evacuation area for anything over a category 1, so that means being ready to leave.

I keep a plastic storage box with extra grids, zip-ties, fleece, padding, waterbottle, and feeding dish. If we have to leave, I throw in hay and pellets and put veggies in an ice chest. I also take the lid (two long pieces of closet shelving) from the main cage. The pigs go in a large dog kennel, but I take an even larger collapsible dog crate so they've got more room when we get wherever we're going. If there are no large dogs where we end up, I attach the grids to the crate, and zip-tie the shelving over the top of the grids, so they actually have more room than they do at home.

I will say, if I have to pick a possible natural disaster to live with, I'd rather it be a hurricane than anything else. However strong it may be, and even with all the preparations you have to make, they're not a surprise, so you've got time to take care of things. I am continually amazed, however, at the people who watch something the size of the state of Texas coming at them across the Gulf of Mexico and still decide to stay home because "it's too much trouble to leave."
The rest of the storm system has passed through uneventfully! The piggies and I are doing well, and currently they are out for floor time. We are just hanging out, and I am experimenting with some homemade toys for them.

Thank you, bpatters, for your reply. That is really helpful; best wishes to you and your family (furries included).
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