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Pictures of you!


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Apr 10, 2004
Is anybody brave enough to post a pic of them and not their piggies!
hahahahaha ya right lol. Nope sorry not brave enough. And I don't even have a recent picture of my self. lol =0)
I don't have an album that allows remote posting, but I can make one soon enough. However, I only managed to find two pictures of me looking very messy after having a shower (wet hair, very messy) and I was being stupid with the camera. If ever I take a decent picture (meaning one with my face in it, preferably!) I'll post it here. These weren't recent, either. But honestly, I looked last night, and all I could find was a picture of my legs and shoes, and others where my face was too far off. Oh well, I guess I'll post one from England. Be right back!
Ok, well this one was over the summer, I look rather odd in the picture, and it was raining, so it's pretty dark as well. Not a good picture at all, I'll try and take a new one soon.
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How do you attach a thumbnail to a post?
yeah, mncavylover, how do you attach thumbnails?
It's a lovely picture mncavylover!

However, unfortunately non-cage photos can't be uploaded to this webspace. It all costs money, and it'd cost a heck of a lot more if other photos were allowed.

Photobucket https://photobucket.com/register.php is good for the free hosting of images, and allows remote linking - could you please upload it to there instead of attaching it to your post (the same goes for everyone). Thanks!

Piglet, seeing as you started the thread, where's your picture?!
mn, you're very pretty =). I always pictured you with that coloured hair/ Thanks for being brave

Treen, I was on cavy compendium a couple of days ago and there's a thread just like this one. Did you ever post your pic?

I will post my pic, but I'll be polite and let others do it first!
Ok, let me post mine. Sorry its a little small.

(broken link removed)
I've seen that photo before... on guinea lynx! What's your screen name over there, Piglet?

Thanks for the comments, Treen and Piglet. It's really not a true-to-life photo, I'll try snapping one soon that's more recent.

Sorry about the photo, Treen, I'll definitely do that.
Photobucket isn't allowing free users to sign up right now, so I'm just using another server for now. Poo. Oh well, the url to my photos is now (broken link removed).

Feel free to delete the photo posted earlier!
Piglet said:
Treen, I was on cavy compendium a couple of days ago and there's a thread just like this one. Did you ever post your pic?

Do you know, I don't believe I ever did - what a shame!

Nice picture Piglet - you and mncavylover are both very pretty.
yes, what a shame! Don't worry, you have a chance to post it now. Yeh, I posted this pic of guinea lynx as well. I'm darts of pleasure, but I hardly post there. =)
Darts of Pleasure? I'm intrigued as to how that username arose!
lol, no I'm not some sort of perv. Its a franz ferdinand song, and its one of my favourites.
Thanks for taking the picture out, Treen!

You're very pretty, Piglet. Thanks for your screen name!
Wow, mncavylover and piglet you both are very pretty!!!! You guys are so brave, lol.
Okay.. I was going to be brave and give a link... but it won't let me paste!! What's wrong with this??
mncavylover- the site your pics were on, how did you get the link? I made some pics on that site, and I don't know where to get the link... just from the address bar? How did you get it on this site?
On picturetrail, you just have to go to the "visitor's page" and get the url from there. Just copy and paste the link here.

Thanks for the nice comment!
thanks ruby =)
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