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Genitals Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?


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Mar 20, 2012
We're going to get my new piggy Leela a friend, but I wasn't totally confident in the shelter's assessment that she was a girl (it came from the previous owners who turned two piggies in together and said they were both girls). Here's a photo for the experts to weigh in:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?
I just want to make sure to get a same-sex friend for obvious reasons! Mufasa was very obviously a boy, but I'm not 100 percent confident by looking at Leela that she's a girl or that she's a Fry in disguise.
LMAO Leela or Fry! I love the name idea!! The pic looks like my Cinnamon, she's a girl with a bump but it's hard to say for sure without pressing on the space above where a penis would be to test and see. (hope that made sense)
Looks like a girl to me!!

Praline has a bump too- I musta gone nuts checking them like every 3 days to make sure they weren't hiding male genitalia in there!
She looks like all my boars and it looks like she has some testicles there too or is it the camera angle?
I just took a peek at my 4 month old boar. Looks similar to this.
Uh oh, the diversity of opinion is worrying me! I'm going to grab a couple more shots, including pushing to see if anything pops out.
She looks like all my boars and it looks like she has some testicles there too or is it the camera angle?

I agree. It looks like there are some testicles there, but it could just be the picture.

Can you get a penis to pop out?
Looks like a boy to me! Have you tried the press test yet?
Good for you for double checking! I agree that it looks like a boy.
Here's some photos with the press test. Not sure but I'm thinking that's a penis popping out.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?

It scares me because the shelter adopted out his/her companion as a girl, too, and I'm guessing they were the same sex since they came from the same owner and were likely kept together. Sure hope the other person doesn't have a girl if they really are boys...yikes!
So, you should contact that shelter ASAP. You said *he* had a cagemate that was adopted out.

Maybe send them this: Sexing Guinea Pigs: How to Sex a Guinea Pig
A shelter should really be able to sex their animals.
You were posting this right as the same time as I was replying the same thing! The shelter had even renamed them Laverne and Shirley from the unisex names they came with (Starbright and Midnight).
Looks like a penis to me but it doesn't look like he has any testicles when you are pushing on him?
That's the thing that confuses me. Mufasa had very apparent testicles but Leela/Fry doesn't seem to have anything that can be readily identified as testicles (unless they're just very small because it kind of looks like small ones) even though the top looks like a penis.
You aren't quite pushing in the right place. Use your finger, gently push in the same place your thumb is in the top photo. You should feel a ridge there. Gently push the ridge, starting from the end of the pig's head. An actual penis is a wet looking pink pointy thing that pops out.

Check the photos on this page--
I had hubby give it a try again (he's the only who has been holding Leela for the photos), but he said he couldn't find a ridge. I shot two more pictures, but in one he/she was starting to poop so we figured it was time for a break. Don't know if these two will shed any more light. The photos on the sexing page make me think boy, except for the ambiguous testicles:
[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?[GuineaPigCages.com] Photo: Confirm Leela's Sex?
No no. about 1 inch above the genital area you'll feel a lump, slowly run your finger down, it will make that lump pop.

He is very much a boy. I would take him in to the vet, maybe he is neutered because that's what it looks like to me. My romeo (neutered) looks very much like that.

But either way that is a boy for sure.

Some one should make a penis popping video one of these days.
I hope the vet will be able to tell if he is neutered so I can pair him up with a girl instead of messing with two boars. He does look more like the neutered male photos than the intact boys so I have my fingers crossed. Seems odd that someone who wouldn't want the responsibility and would dump him at a shelter would neuter him, though, unless they got him from someone who had already had it done.
How old is Leela/Fry?
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