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Behavior Petting


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Nov 3, 2011
Okay i need help, again. Everytime i pet Einstein and i go down her back she freaks out i guess, like if shes popcorning but she just gets out of the way. I dont know if im hurting her so i stop
My mom says its cause im tickling her (as i like to pet her sides too when shes on my lap) but thats coming from a mom that thinks guinea pigs should eat seeds, (i dont let her, dont worry)
Has anyone experienced this?
A lot of guinea pigs just don't like to be touched "below the waist" I guess? Bocefus like kind of pick up his back leg and wiggle it like a dog if I go across towards his belly but then jumps out of the way once I get to the rounder edge near his butt. When you're petting her, just try to stay up by the neck/ ears and maybe a little under her chin? Mine seem to enjoy that
Thank you! i thought that she had some sort of medical condition so i was quite worried about it
My pigs do the same thing. I think it's that way with most piggie owners. It's just their natural instinct to move out of the way or run away because their scared and don't want you to get close to picking them up. Now if your pig is itching, balding, has sores on his back or any of that, then the reason is your pig has mites which I don't think that is the case here. Normally while the pigs are in the cage I just pet them on the head, neck, cheek area and chin and they are just fine with that.
My Poppy has a no touch zone on the center of his back right below his shoulder blades. I thought at first he was popcorning, but he was telling me to "Stop that!"
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