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Pet Stores Petstores/Breeding/Overpopulation in my country


Cavy Slave
Jan 2, 2010
In my country (which is not USA), there's no guinea pigs overpopulation. It's actually very rare to find even one piggie. There's only dog overpopulation, when I was reading about petstores/breeding stuff here (about piggies) It's the same people say about dogs here, there's a lot of dogs dying everyday because they don't have a home and people still buying the poodles and yorkshires because they are just CUTE!...I mean, sick people. If I could, then me and my mom would get all the dogs in the streets. We actually got a lot of them and cared for them and then putted it for adoption, and now they are in very good conditions. But back to the piggies, we can only find them in petstores for $4 and from breeders for $54 (and even so it's really hard to find). Yes, I'm talking about the state where I live, the only thing I know about the other states is that they sell them at online shops. In the petstores they live in nice big cages and they have vet 24hours per day in the same petstore. I mean, it doesn't seem that bad. I'm really confused, what you guys think? Should I buy a pig or not? :confused:
Buying live animals from a pet store is never all right.
Buying live animals from a pet store is never all right.

Two of mine are from pet stores.

They're healthier than ever.

I don't see anything wrong with it, the pigs in stores need loving homes too.
I don't see anything wrong with it, the pigs in stores need loving homes too.
The problem with buying pigs in petstores is that they come from breeders or breeding mills. When you buy them you are supporting breeding. Breeding mills are horrible places where pigs are crammed into tiny cages, forced to mate and have babies, are not fed proper diets, aren't given hay or veggies, only low quality crappy pellets. The sows are often forced to backbreed. Many pigs end up dying because of the breeding and others end up at the store sick or with parasites because of the living conditions.

If the stores aren't buying animals from mills, they are buying them from backyard breeders who have the pigs living in the same conditions.

So think about exactly what you are supporting when you think it is ok to buy pigs in petstores. The only way to stop the cycle is to not purchase petstore animals and boycott the stores.
In my country (which is not USA), there's no guinea pigs overpopulation. ...

What country and why not mention it in the first place?
Sorry I took so long to reply, I didn't mention because of the rules ( I didn't know if I could) but I'm from Brazil. I'm thinking about not buying the pigs...but I'm going to put announcements on brazilian pet sites telling people I want to adopt one. What you guys think I should do? Right now I asked a breeder who was selling pigs at a online shop if I could adopt one of her piggies, she said since I want two female pigs one she sells to me and one she gives me as a gift. It's $34. I don't think I should do it but it's almost impossible to find a pig here. Oh my God.
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I think you're doing the right thing by checking to see if there are unwanted pigs rather than buying them. You might have to be patient, but you will find them! Any time there is a pet store selling pigs, there are unwanted pigs too. You can also ask your vet to contact you if he or she hears of any guinea pigs needing to be rehomed and post in the international section here in case other members from Brazil know of guinea pigs available to be adopted. Catayn is one member here from Brazil if you want to contact her.
Thank you so much!!!!
It is good that there is not lot of unwanted guinea pigs in your area. The thing to think about is - when you buy from a petstore or breeder, you are creating a demand. (This includes taking their old, sick and "retired" for free) They breed more and before you know it you have an overpopulation problem. If they are being sold in petstores, there will be unwanted guinea pigs in need of homes. Be patient.

Is it better to be without something we want or get what we want regardless of the suffering it causes?
While not Brazil, Vermont was one of the last states to get "big box" stores of any kind, especially pet stores. Guinea pigs were pretty rare and few people had them. Once the stores came, the unwanted guinea pigs were everywhere, newspaper ads, Craigslist, the shelters, etc. I've seen dozens of pigs listed recently and have heard of one being found on the street !! Amazing it survived. I think many people buy on impulse or out of sympathy for the animal and have no clue as to the work and expense required to care for a guinea pig.
You guys are really right, I'm going to wait and do the right thing. Thank you for your advices, I really appreciate to learn! About Catayn, it's not going to help me if she lives far from me :sorry:
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