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Reference Petstore, Breeding, Care and Housing Disaster Threads


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Sep 5, 2004
Sep 5, 2004
This is a list of threads here on this site (and others) highlighting the Problems with buying and breeding along with the results of poor housing and care. This will be an ever growing list and can be used to reference others during discussions of the topics covered here.

Anyone considering buying from a petstore, breeding or housing their GPs outside should take the time to read over these threads.

General Petstore Threads
Petstore pig is pregnant with lethal
Petstore Missexing with birth complications
Petstore Missexing
Pregnant Petstore GP
Petstore Abuse Case
Petstore hands out bad advice and dead GP in petstore tank
My piggy passed away last night. She was only 3 months old
Sick Petstore GP dies
Petstore bought GP has running lice and dies suddenly
Female housed with male in petstore is pregnant
Pregnant Petstore GP
Misexed Petstore GPs
Second Petstore GP dies
Misexed and pregnant Petstore GP
Surprise Babies from Petstore GPs
GPs in and from Petstores Pictures
Petland GP pregnant. Owner may dump babies back at petstore
Just Purchased Guinea Pig had Babies
3 Month Old Satin Pig Pregnant by Inbreeding
Pet Shop Owner Charged With Torturing Animals
Petstore Bought GP Sick and Dying - Sold with Rabbit to live with as well
Petstore GP gives birth to 3 Dead and Deformed Pups
Petstore sells mixed-sex pair. Mother gives Birth and Dies one Week Later
missexed Petland pigs with parasites
pet store employee says they get a lot of sick guinea pigs, many do not make it
lethal from pet store
sick pet store pig
three pet store pigs pass away from same illness
Pet store supplier houses males and females together, does not guarantee gender and cannot tell when guinea pigs are fertile
Pet store pig with URI
GP purchased at Christmas passes from URI
Two pet store pigs with mites
Person goes to buy 2 sames sex pigs. Petstore sells them a male and female
Pet Stores?
"Christmas Present" pig dies of unknown causes
Sick, Petstore GP is pregnant. Gives birth to one baby which dies.
Petstore Pig Bought Pregnant
Sick Petsmart GP
Petsmart hamsters killing each other on video
Petsmart GP has URI
Petsmart GP is Mite Infested
Petsmart GP delivers 3 babies and dies
2 Petsmart bought GPs die during their first day home.
Sick GP from Petsmart
Breeders noticing that new Petsmart (Pets at Home) opening near them means more animals needing rehoming
Petsmart choosing to kill sick animals instead of getting them vet treatment
Two petsmart pigs just bought pass the first day, Petsmart vet also prescribes toxic AB
sick petsmart pig
sick Petsmart pig, same owner
Petsmart pigs have ringworm/mites
sick Petsmart pig
sick Petsmart pig passes
sick Petsmart pig passes
Petsmart male gives birth to one stillborn
4 petsmart guinea pigs pass from URI, 5th Petco pig comes down with URI
Petsmart pig with URI
2 different owners buy Petsmart pigs. Both are sick when bought. Both animals die.
Petsmart marks guinea pigs as "damaged goods" and puts them in small, drawer-like cages in the back room
Petco guinea pig dead of serious infection
Petco GP sold with URI dies
Petco bought pigs keep dying
Petco lied about GPs being spayed/neutered. Female GP dies of unknown cause 3 months after purchase
Petco pig sold sick. Taken back to store for treatment
Petco will do anything to make a sale
Petco Missexing
Sick Petco Pig and Rats
Petco Bought GP delivers dead babies. Sow dies 2 days later
Inside Petco
Petco pig passes, infects owner's previous guinea pig with URI
Pregnant petco sow, both babies pass, one was a lethal
sick Petco pig passes
another sick Petco pig
petco pig passes
Petco pig has two babies, possible lethal white newborn passes
Another Petco pig has surprise babies
Petco pig with URI
more sick Petco pigs
Petco pig with URI
sick Petco pig , companion possibly missexed
Petco pig with URI, owner given Baytril without a prescription
sneezing Petco pig
Petco employee notes the guinea pigs have lice, manager unconcerned
Petco pig losing hair
pregnant Petco pig births two stillborns
Petco pig near death, they decline to take him back
Another sick Petco pig
lethargic Petco pig
Petco pig deteriorates a few weeks after purchase
Petco pig passes a few weeks after purchase
Petco pig passes, infects owner's previous guinea pig with URI
recurring URI in Petco pig
Petco pig diagnosed with fungus
Petco pig diagnosed with URI
Petco pig with lice
Petco pig gives birth
Petco pig with abscess
Neglected guinea pig from Petco passes
Petco pig with URI, Petco gives poor advice
young Petco baby with mites
sick Petco pig
Guinea pig with URI, Petco says it's a hairball
Petco Animal Food Products Seized by FDA Due to "Unsanitary Conditions
Surprise Birth from Petco Pig
Young Male bought at Petco Gives Birth
Petco Bought Pigs Both Have URIs
GP bought at a "female only" store gives birth
New Petco piggy not doing so well

President of the ACBA admits to knowingly creating "lethals" and then feeds said lethals to his pet snakes
Purposeful breeding results in stillborns and heartbroken owner
First litter one baby dies. Second litter all babies and mom die
One baby dead. Mom dead of toxemia
Lots of dead babies
Breeder dumps stud at a petstore once it is no longer useful
Bred GP is denied medical treatmentall 4 babies die
Petco/Petsmart Breeder/Supplier Retires and Dumps His Herd of over 500 Guinea pigs
Rescued sow delivers one live, one dead, and dies of prolapsed uterus
Petstore Bought Pig Delivers One Stillborn, One Malformed and One Live Baby
Breeder's Poor Practices Result in Genetic Defects and the Death of One Baby
Missexed Pigs leads to Pregnancy, Prolapsed Uterus and Bowel. Mother GP and one Baby Die.

Dangers of Outdoor Housing
Summer is Coming. Should You House Your GP Outside?
Outdoor vs Indoor
UK GP housed outside dies of heatstroke
GPs stolen from outdoor cage
2 GPs in outdoor cage killed by dog (on Animal Precinct)
[URL="https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/redirect-to/?redirect=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.guineapigcages.com%2Fforum%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D3755"]HAWK, drops guinea pig in someone's yard
Violent thugs batter family pets to death
Thread about people breaking into outdoor hutches and sheds
2 guinea pigs stolen from outdoor shed
Guinea pig attacked by rats in shed
Magpies attacking GPs in their outdoor hutches
4 GPs dead. Cause is a suspected mouse infestation in shed and garden
Ant infested yard and hutches
Warning for those keeping animals outside
Guinea pigs stolen from "Cavy Sanctuary"
GPs stolen from outdoor garden
More Guinea pigs die of heatstroke
Guinea Pig Killed by Cat
Guinea Pigs Being Attacked by Cat
Rabbit Hutch Repeatedly attacked by Bears
5 year old GP stolen from outdoor hutch
Guinea Pig stolen from outdoor shed
Guinea pig killed by Dog
12 Pet guinea pigs stolen from yard

Dangers of housing Guinea Pigs with Rabbits and other species
GP sick after being housed with rabbit
GP severely maimed by rabbit
Rabbits in Petstore terrorizing a Guinea Pig. GP kept from Eating and Drinking by Rabbits
Guinea pig killed by rabbit
Guinea Pig Attacked by Rabbit. Dies shortly after seperation from the rabbit
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