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Jul 31, 2007
Hey everyone,

I went into Petsmart today to get some new water-bottles for the piggies (the ones we have are leaky and making a mess of the fleece). I always make a point of checking on the state of the GP's. The last time, I had to speak to an employee because their water bottle was too low, the nozzle was under the Carefresh bedding. One top of the obvious problem (they can't get any water), the bedding was soaked through. Well, today as I was leaving, I bent over to look at the piggies. Again, the water bottle was so low that the piggies couldn't possibly be getting any water. I went to the cashier and spoke calmly but firmly. I said, " This is the second time I have had to come to one of the employees here about the guinea pigs. Their water bottle is so low that they cannot reach the water." Before I really finished she cut me off, yelled across the store to some other employee and told them to check it.

Now, the real problem is not the water bottle...its the cage size. It is definitely not deep enough to fit a water bottle and have it NOT be too low. Since this is the second time... I told them, " If I see this a third time, I will be setting up a personal meeting with your manager to give him/her proper information on Guinea Pig care."

So, I am thinking of putting together a pamphlet/handout of all the essential care guidelines for guinea pigs. Now, be it as it may, this is a pet store. They do not think of animals as we do. They consider the pet store as a temporary home until someone takes them home. So, I'm not out to change them into avid c&c'rs, I just want to be realistic. I still am against the selling of animals for profit, but for their sake, giving the manager the best information I can may help, even if just a small bit.

So what information do you guys think is essential for this manager to know. I will be setting up a meeting as soon as I have this information together. Things like unlimited hay, vitamin C (not in their water or orange slices), proper nutrition from veggies, at least minimum cage requirements (obviously, its a pet store, they aren't going to build huge 12 sq.ft. cages for their 5 piggies, but something better than an itsy bitsy aquarium with one pigloo and 5 pigs)...ect. Just give me your opinions on what you think is necessary information - even send me a PM and write it out. I'll just make up the hand out. ( I'm also looking for health reasons why these essentials are so important...E.g. disease, health problems, ect)

Also, after I'm done with this handout, I am planning on making it accessible to all C&C forum members. I hope that this way you will be inspired to set up meetings with your local pet store managers, and instead of yelling or quickly telling them you are unpleased and then leaving, actually sit down for 30 minutes and educate them. I'm hoping to do this with the Petsmart's in my area.

Thanks so much guys,

Thanks Ly -

Do you have any advice on how to approach this? This is the thing... I'm 20 years old. I'm not a vet, or an expert. But I do have 4 of my own piggies and know what is good for them, what they need, and what is not acceptable. I want to come off knowledgeable. I want them to listen!

One more thing...Animal Kingdom... a petstore in my local area mall sells puppies, kittens, rabbits, and ferrets. All the animals are in dispicable conditions. The cages are so small that the dogs cannot stand upright. There are 4 or 5 large breed puppies in one cage in the fron window. Do you know of any laws or regulations? Could the local SPCA do anything about this? What should I do?

I went to PetSmart twice over 2 days this weekend, I was on vacation and had never been to one before. The piggies did not have hay either time and I complained both times. Also, their guide on GPs says they need vitamins in their water.

Best of luck on your endevour
I also always make it a point to check on the piggies when/if I go into Petsmart/Petco, which is hard because I want to just take them all home and give them the homes and care they are so neglected of, but I know that I cannot do that because it would only make room for more to come in :guilty:

To my suprise, for the first time ever - I saw an employee at Petco actually come up to the manager with the piggy in hand to speak about some concerns she had for the lil guy. She was loving on him and he was doing that low purr/wheek and he looked so cozy. It really made me happy, because I have also noticed not very good care for piggies at the petstores (this before I had the knowledge about pig care, now I am hyper-aware of it) so it was definatly a nice thing to see. And at another petco I saw that they had housed a group of piggies in a rather large octagonal type glass enclosure (that they usually put them *ahem* bunnies in) But that was nice to see as well, considering usually the piggies are behind the smallest fishtank type glass imaginable >(

Still not something I'd want to support in any way, shape, or form, but atleast it seems as though some things have improved :rolleyes:

I think it's very admirable of you to take the pamphlet into the petstores. Seriously! Definatly keep us informed as to how it goes/what happens !!

P.S. This is a book I had come across, I have not read it yet, but it sounds interesting and I thought I'd share this link with you

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