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Pet Stores PetSmart Supplier *Graphic Video*


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May 29, 2012
**Please note that this video contains a graphic depiction of cruelty and neglect witnessed during an undercover investigation of a Petsmart supplier and choose whether or not to watch it, accordingly.**

I just watched this on youtube and decided to share it. For everyone who says that they just couldn't walk away from an animal at the store... watch this.

Behind the Closed Doors of a PetSmart Animal Supplier - YouTube
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After flipping through some more videos involving PetSmart I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING from the store.
I wont get anything from any petstore. That made me cry. My Skipper was thrown in a box and shipped to the store. Fighting for food.

Skipper was a mess when I got him. URI, UTI, Bumble foot, and Scuvy.

I don't know how he made it, but he did. It is.....!!!!!! Ah!!!

I want to go to the stupid mass breeder and punch every single on of them in the face!!!
I know, I get my pet supplies from a local pet supply store. They don't sell any animals, but do have adoptions on certain days of the week.
I went to the closest pet supply store (1 hour away) yesterday for the first time, thinking I would buy food etc there rather than supporting other pet stores, but I have to say their food was rubbish, so unfortunately its back to the pet stores for me ahhh.
This is terrible. :(

I will write a real, paper letter to their corporate headquarters tomorrow. I can't imagine it will help much but it's better than nothing...

[h=2]Corporate Office[/h]PetSmart, Inc.
Store Support Group
19601 North 27th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85027
(623) 580-6100
(800) 738-1385
I've also seen a few more investigating the stores around the SF Bay area. All investigations had the same findings.
Thanks for sharing this.
Of course, I see so many people that buy their pets from stores... but they don't understand how bad it really is. Now they have proof.
Petsmart (most if not all) doesn't sell rabbits and I question the legitimacy of said video.

Also, I question why Petsmart is under blame when it is the supplier that should be reprimanded.

In addition, I am fairly certain that this supplier does not have Petsmart as it's only client.

Lastly, every Petsmart does not use the same supplier and any Petsmart may occasionally change a supplier if needed.

A Petsmart in Ontario and a Petsmart in Miami, for example, would have separate suppliers unique to it's own locality.

Thus ends my "2 cents", so to speak.
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This thread will most likely be closed. If you post graphic material and the like so "everybody can see" what is going on, more people will get upset about it. If they really wanted to learn, they could do it on their own. Just a heads up.

But yeah, this videos are disgusting.
Actually, @Kipsie, there are only a very few animal suppliers to the big pet stores chains, no more than two or three in the U.S. Smaller stores may buy from local breeders, but the big ones get their stock from huge animal distributors.

If you doubt that video, take a look at the articles on PetSmart Cruelty. You can also google "Rainbow World Exotics" for more information about a horrible PetSmart supplier that was raided in Dallas, and the abominable conditions the animals were kept in.
It's sickening what they do to the animals. Those people definitely wouldn't enjoy it if they were in the poor things' position.
While the video may be edited to get the most sensational value out of the footage, the basic facts are very, very true. Pet stores get their animals from breeding mills that see those little living beings as nothing more than "merchandise" and treat it the same way as other places treat non-living stock. It's the same with animals raised for food on factory farms.

We're all animal lovers here, so we have trouble wrapping our heads around the fact that not everyone sees these little lives as precious. Unfortunately, it's a sad fact of life, and that's why it's so important not to buy animals at pets stores, which means more business for the breeding mills, which means more animals suffer and die.
This is the most horrible thing I have ever seen. I feel so bad for that bunny and any others like it.
I never buy any supplies from petsmart and now I never plan too. I love animals. I'm a huge softie for animals. I don't understand how anyone could harm such beautiful and precious animals. It's so horrible. That poor bunny. It must have been excruciating for it. I just want to cry. Companies that do this should be put out of business immediately!!!
If it's against the law for people to kill other people and go to jail for it, then I think companies who do this to animals(that aren't butchers) Should be prosecuted to the fullest of the law. Hoping a law is made for things like this
Thats so sad! I just got my Tapper, 6-8 month boar, from petsmart 7/2/12. Wouldve gotten it somewhere else if I knew. He is so shy but now I understand why. Im glad I got him though bc he can now be spoiled/
I agree that PETA definitely uses the most graphic footage they can get their hands on, but those are still not fabricated images that we can't ignore. And even though this is not the only pet supplier, I am sure the rest are not much better. If you have not yet, go to their website and send their email to the CEO of petsmart asking him to stop selling live animals. It takes a minute and if we all take time to do it and to spread the word to others, it can make an impact. Here's the link: https://secure.peta.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=733
Gonna play devil's advocate here. But honestly, where do you guys think the shelter piggies originally come from? I'm betting MOST were previously owned by people who bought their pigs (or the pig's parents) from a large petstore chain, such as Petsmart. Or if not petsmart, a breeder with similar methods as those in the video.

Now I'm not saying "OH HEY IT'S COOL THEY TREAT THEM LIKE THAT WHATEVER". But we have to face the facts. Many of the pigs we buy (and yes, the exchange of money for items is buying, whether it is at a shelter or store) from the shelter probably spent part their lives at a supplier such as this, thus also contributing to the problem.

Instead of shaming people who buy from petstores (which is honestly MOST of what I see on this site), we need to work to make places like this animal friendly. For example, I was originally planning on going to a Pet Supermarket to get a piggie, and before I did, I was seriously stressed about how people on this site were going to make me feel horribly for doing so. In the end, I got my girls from a shelter, because it was cheaper, which was more appealing to my father, who was the one paying for them.

This is going to sound harsh. But you are all animal people. SO how can you all say that we shouldn't consider buying an animal from a petstore as not saving a life, when those animals have suffered already and might die in the store. I truly do not understand WHY one animal's life is considered by this site to be more important than another's life.

This video, RIGHT HERE, is why we need to change how things are done at suppliers for petstores. Not make them completely taboo, so more animals will die when the ones NOT bought at the store are "too old to sell".

I really don't mean to offend anyone here. Really, truly, I don't. This is honestly just how I feel, my personal opinion, and partly playing devil's advocate. Of course I prefer to adopt from a shelter, both because piggies are only $5 there than $30 at the petstore, but also because they were abandoned. But some people aren't lucky enough to have a shelter that is capable of putting up piggies, or don't have any rescues near-by. I know my shelter was stressed about having the 3 piggies they had, because they had a small 3sq foot cage, and didn't have space or proper food or bedding for them. They weren't going to be able to keep them. So please, consider that some shelters are not much better qualified to have piggies, either. They put down animals regularly, after all.
I didn't upload this video to upset anyone, I just wanted to share some information that I had found. I have ONE pet store in the area that does not sell animals and actually has some pretty great supplies, however limited. Their knowledge is lacking, but at least they try. We all know that most of our piggies came from a store somewhere along the line... but when you adopt them from a shelter at least you are helping to support an organization that isn't making the situation worse. As to buying from pet stores, I don't care whether you do or not... I know that not everyone can find a store that is locally owned and not part of a corporation. Then you have the stores that are locally owned but HORRIBLY run. There is one about 30 minutes from me that has TERRIBLE conditions for their animals and I have not returned since stepping foot in the building once.

If you buy from a pet store I'm not condemning you, I just want you to understand why people on this forum are so against it. This just makes ME feel better, like I've done my part to expose the truth. To help the poor animals that suffer daily. I am definitely not a member of PETA or any such organization, I don't like their use of the 'shock factor.'

Sorry if I upset anyone, I was just sharing.

And the reason why we try to discourage people from buying from a pet store is because every ONE pig sold, brings in TWO more. Demand goes up, supply goes up. If people don't buy animals from pet stores all together, there will be no need for them to sell them. In a perfect world, there wouldn't be animals in pet stores or shelters and they would have perfect happy homes. We all know that isn't going to happen, but at least a shelter/rescue tries. I'm done rambling :/
I knew pet stores like this were cruel, but never as bad as this. I had to stop the video at the poor rabbit being "neutered" to death. That is just sick. I can't imagine any if my bunnies going through that. And that poor hamster...... :*(
It's just sickening to think how some people are these days.
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