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Pet Stores PetSmart animal abuse


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Jan 4, 2017
Just wrote my furious message to petsmart... Figured you might like to read it ;)

I was recently at one of your stores in Oregon, and was shocked to see 5 male guinea pigs all crammed into one cage! This is absolutely RIDICULOUS. 5 males would struggle to get along if they had a whole room as their cage. They were all bickering and they only had one water bottle. Not to mention the lack of hay.

Your employees are not educated properly and I think that's disgusting. Hay is 80% of a guinea pigs diet and I have never seen more than a handful of terrible quality hay thrown into a ball. Regulations need to change to make this illegal. The way you treat your animals is revolting. I haven't even begun to mention the cruelty you make all the other animals in your care endure. Do you not know that wire wheels are terrible for hamsters? Do you realize that you are feeding them the wrong things?

Please step up and do something about this. Every animal deserves to be treated with love and respect. Honestly if you changed your thinking things would improve. If you have ANY questions on guinea pig of hamster care PLEASE please please contact me. Or at least talk to someone who knows something about those animals. Go to guinea pig cages forum for advice on piggies or go to hamster hideout for advice on hamsters.

I am not even going to talk about how some of the things you sell could kill animals. I could make a massive list of improvements for your store and employees.

Petsmart, please speak for those who have no voice.
Quick update on the situation! I received an email and a phone call from pet smart and am presently surprised. The lady I talked with had just taken over management of the store and was working hard to improve the care of their animals. The wire wheels are only going to be in there until the new order of wheels comes in. She was very nice and considerate and addressed some of my concerns. I am going to send them another email about the concerns that where not addressed.
Wonderful to hear (or read, I guess). I've some pet stores near me that I've tried encouraging to change but they won't and insist they're not doing anything wrong because it's how they've always done it, and authorities seem to side with them. Can't win.
I know this is an old thread, but I just had the same experience today. Five-six guinea pigs crammed into the tank they use for the hamsters. It's bad enough they have that many in one tank, but they've had a giant tank "reserved for new comers" or whatever, for over two months now that they could have broken them up in. I called them up disgusted, and then also sent numerous emails, telling them this would easily be reported as animal abuse.

I'm so disgusted.
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