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PetsMart and Petco...?


Cavy Slave
Mar 10, 2008
Okay ... so I am roaming around the forum and see a lot of topics on Cruelty at Petsmart. I live in Central East Florida and here we have both PetsMart and Petco. Upon the forum discussions on Petsmart and cruelty I decided to do a search on cruelty and Petco. Not surprisingly I found plenty. (I will pay closer attention at our local stores). So here is my question. If Petco and Petsmart are so bad (not saying they are good), why then does the humane society and other non-profit rescue groups, who might I add, have great objection to the cruelty of animals, hold weekend adoption drives at these stores? Wouldn't that be the same as advocating these chains/franchises/corporations practices?
I do see what you mean and others will have their views too. As far as I can see, it's putting adoption right into the spotlight. Whether it's promoting the pet stores, I don't know, but adoption days anywhere are one way of promoting adoption and the humane society/rescue/shelter etc.
I agree with cavy-cool-crazy. Since PetStupid and PetCo are so popular and so many people go there, they would see that it is better to adopt since there are many more loving animals that will have to be put down if they aren't adopted. That was a very good question, too. I had never thought of that.
I got 2 guinea pigs from the humane society via petsmart Monday of this week. Both are girls very loving and one is a purrer not sure that is the right term but sound a lot like when my cat purrs. Who by the way has no interest in them whats so ever. At any rate I brought the two guineas home and both have sores on there feet, looks like they where once kept in a wire hutch, a rabbit cage maybe. They also have the runs. They came with a large store cage 2x3 feet, so I will be making a larger cage as soon as I get some coroplast. I do not think petsmart or petco are evil so much as there staff is ignorant and they do little to change this. I know the humane society talks a lot about animals being treated well, but why are they placing guinea pigs with open sores on their feet ( I did not notice until I got them home) and the runs. Also did not notice as the cage was newly cleaned (hmm wonder why?)I have cleaned my guinea's cage today and bathed them too. They are much happier now all nice and clean. I thought they would be upset with me, but the long haired one now purrs and head butts my hand now. Does anyone know what I can give them to help with the diarrhea? It is better then it was when I first brought home, but still. I do not think the humane society cares as much s they say if they send out 2 guinea pigs with open sore and the runs and no med/treatment or even mentioning this. And I would like to find a 3rd female baby guinea pig to add to our piggy family. I think 3 is better then 2 since they are herd animals living in groups or 60 -80 in the wild or so I read. -Ann
Actually, my Petco by me does do adoptions. I remember going in there and seeing lines a caged dogs with signs on them about them and everything. Also, the other I went there just to look around while my mom was at a different store the other day, and they had 2 male mice up for adoption which were free, so I bribed my mom to get them and we did. MY friend who came with me was in the car with the 2 guys while I got the supplies (from another store). They are now named Ben and Jerry =) I hope I answered your question right.
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I don't see it as supporting as long as the petstore makes no money off it. I would like to think of it as them losing money as the SPCA/Humane Society would be able to place animals in homes by adoption than those people giving their money to the store by purchasing an animal.

The diarrhea is now gone and they did have bumblefoot, but that too is much better. No more sores, the scabs are gone too, just newly knitted skin so it is still red and swollen but not infection red or swollen. I built them a huge coroplast cage. 2 grid squares wide and 5 long. I think between that the new cage, warm bath, a far healthier and enjoyable diet and a loving home they are doing great now and are both very happy and talkative too. What I was upset most about was the fact that they would put up for adoption like they where by the humane society and no mention of the health issues. I am sure they where not housed in a wire cage at the humane society, I believe the bumblefoot came from the original owners who gave them up. I just feel they should tells adopters about it. What if they ended up in a home with someone who did not have a medical background like I do and or was not willing to bath and tend to the sore on their feet? Some one who did not know how to make sure they where hydrated? Or just someone who did not want to bother right off the bat with a pet in need of medical attention. I did not mind caring for our new little piggies, it is my job as their new mom and I would have taken them home even if I had been told about the problems. What I mind is that I was NOT told. These two little girls I think where very lucky to have gone home with me and not someone who would not want to be bothered or had no know how. By the way they where free, cage too. They where left at the petco/petsmart I get them confused as who is who we have both just a a few blocks from each other. At any rate the humane society drops them off on the adoption weekends and what ever does not sell over the weekend is given away starting on Monday. I was there on Monday to buy bedding for our two snakes so I could clean the cage and get hamster food and bedding too. My eldest daughter saw the piggies and begged to take them home, I called my husband at work and he said ok. They also had a Chinchilla and huge cage too for free. I was very tempted to bring everyone home and try to find a good home for the chinchilla but he and his cage would not fit in my little car. I went back a couple days later with my friends truck but he was gone. So the petco/petsmart on elcomino right by trader joes in Sunnyvale is where I got them. I am very happy to have them as we used to have guinea pigs when we lived in AZ but had to find them new homes when we moved. It was done with a very heavy heart and at the time we could not bring them with us. I found them all a great home too. So no worry there. -Ann
Many shelters and humane societies do not deal with guinea pigs all that often and therefore they do not know much about them. They would rather worry about dogs and cats. If you want a guinea pig that is for sure healthy find a legit rescue that treats their pets as their own.

PetNo and Petstupid both play the adoption role because it makes them look good to the general public. If those places sold dogs and cats you would not see the humane societies in those places. They are more concerned about dogs and cats...not guinea pigs or small animals.

The store next to me is starting to cut out their small animals because their sales on those animals are so low! Thanks to my rescue!! So it DOES work if people do NOT buy animals from them. They will eventually stop carrying them and only have supplies.

Also there is such a huge overpopulation of guinea pigs that breeding is not needed and guinea pigs will never go extinct. I do understand the breeders that breed for specific breeds of guinea pigs (they don't sell to petstores), but backyard breeders and breeders that do not understand guinea pig genetics and breed just to make money are the ones causing the trouble!

Is petno and petstupid breeding for specific breeds? NO they get their guinea pigs from breeding mills that have no idea what they are doing! Have you ever seen a himi in a petstore? Have you ever seen a purebred teddy? Have you ever seen a silky that looked good? NO YOU DON"T because they are breeding just to make money and not looking out for the welfare of the guinea pig.
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Having rescues come in makes them look good and brings in foot traffic. People go look at the cute animals, maybe adopt or buy one then spend a ton on pet supplies and usually go back to buy more pet supplies.

Many dog/cat rescues usually only care about their species so they make a devil's bargain. They don't see the small animals inside suffering. They're trying to save the dogs or cats which is admirable but it isn't looking at the bigger picture. Some people think dogs or cats are more worthwhile.

Some petco and petstmarts' have kicked out small animal rescues so they could sell more small animals and baby bunnies.
Adoption centers in pet stores that sell animals is social cause marketing. Read this article: (broken link removed)
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