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Petco Venting


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Jan 19, 2005
Yesterday the vet informed us that, yes, our cavies do indeed have mites. The scratching became evident earlier in the week, but we had to wait 3 days to get into a vet. By then, 2 of the cavies had open sores. I was so worried about them that I couldn't sleep very well the nights before the appointment. Two of my boys had to have skin scrapings because they were having a hard time finding the mites. I could hear Buster squealing through a closed door. :(

So, if they never came into contact with any other cavies, or items from any other cavies, I'm going to assume that at least one already had mites, or mite eggs, when we bought them from Petco in January (back then I did not know about cavy adoptions).

So $150 later, my cavies are slowly on the road to recovery...well worth the money, of course. I am just so darn mad at Petco! It really bothers me to know that Petco did not take the necessary precautions to sell healthy animals, and as a result my babies suffered needlessly. I'd love to go give them a piece of my mind, but I can't prove the mites were on my boys when I bought them. However when I give my gp talk to my son's class in a couple of weeks, I plan on warning the kids about Petco!
Sorry you had to learn the hard way but this is exactly why petstores are not good! I don't see why your vet did a skin scrapping though. My vet did not want to do one because it would just make things worse.
Don't let the vet do scrapings again.

Mites are dormant already, and stess or something stressful brought them out. Did they recently go through something stressful?
One of the cavies, Shaggy, started going through puberty a few weeks ago, and has really been stressing out two of the others. Perhaps that is what started it. Could the mites have made Shaggy extra grouchy? The 3 use to get along so well. (My fourth gp lives in the second story of my cc because he drew blood off one of the others).

I won't let them do the scrapings again. They already had enough sores on their bodies. The vet did put them all on antibiotics for the sores. They must put some good stuff in it too 'cause my cavies all love the medicine.
Ugh I hate it when boys go through puberty. I too had to seperate my boys... I was fed up with the two boys stressing my spencer out!

I hope that your piggies will be ok! :)
Rachy...were you ever able to introduce your Boys to each other again? If yes, did they get along or fight horribly again? I am hoping some day my Boys will all be able to live together in peace again...but I'm not holding my breath. :(
After they settled down one of them would still attack him. So I decided to get him neutered and put him in with the girls. All you can do is try!
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