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What breed? Pet stores prey on the gullible :(


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Sep 13, 2011
Ok, so first mistake is that my pigs are from a pet store - nothing I can do about that now... But I was after some long-haired pigs, and the guy told me they would be long hair ones, so knowing nothing about pigs, I took the ones he told me were long hairs... They are now 5 months old and I have been looking up how long it takes for hair to get long and it seems they should already have a long coat. Velmas coat hasn't grown at all, but Daphne has some long hairs growing about 2/3 of the way down her body. I assumed they were both coronets because they have the rosette or crest on their head and I was told they were long haired pigs, but now I guess they are crested piggies right?

Daphne is reddish with the brightly coloured cuddle cup and Velma is sitting on my brother and her colouring is brown. The middle photo is of the small patch where Daphnes fur is longer than the rest... She wouldn't sit still for photos cos she could smell cucumber on my fingers :(

Pet stores prey on the gullible :(Pet stores prey on the gullible :(Pet stores prey on the gullible :(
Hello Kacie. Your girls are very pretty, but not long haired. They look to be crested as you said, but american short hairs. To have a silkie or a peruivian, the hair is long right off the batt and continues to grow. The silkie the frontal hair will grow back off the face. The peruivian the frontal hair will grow forward over the face.

I have 3 silkie females. I have to trim the hair all the time to keep their bums clean and so the hair does not drag on the ground.
Kacie, it's a sad fact of life that a lot of sales people will tell you whatever you want to hear and whatever will make the sale. That's true of most things you'll ever buy, not just guinea pigs. If you learn that at this young age, you're on your way to becoming an informed consumer. Educating yourself in advance about anything you want to buy is often your only protection against getting ripped off.

I hope you're not too disappointed that your piggies don't have long hair -- they're awfully cute as they are. I have an abbyruvian with very long butt hair, and a short-hair with extra long hair around her butt. In my humble opinion, the only thing you're missing by having short-haired pigs is having to trim clumps of poop- and pee-stuck hair off their bottoms.
Kacie, Your guinea pigs are very pretty! I know they are not what you thought they were, but they are definitely cute! :)
Awe, they are cute! Enjoy them!
But as stated, pigs are born with the "general" length of hair they will have and it's pretty obvious in most cases. Long hair pigs are little mops to start out and short hair pigs don't grow longer hair over time.
Thanks guys.. I'm not disappointed - I was just a bit confused is all... They're both beautiful just the way they are :)
We've always referred to crested as the "royalty" of guinea pigs because they have a "crown" on their heads. I think cresteds are adorable with their round little faces.
I like Daphne (the reddish one) cos when I first saw her crest, the front of it is white and it makes her look like she has a monobrow lol - I wanted to call her Freda, but my little sister wouldn;t have it :) Velma's got a beautiful personality though and you can't choose favourites between your children!
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