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Sad Pet Store


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Sep 24, 2011
So I went to a petstore the other day just looking around (of course! I would never buy a guinea pig from there) and saw the saddest thing. The guinea pigs were in something like a trash bin turned on its side with an open top and there were 3 inside. There were feces EVERYWHERE and the water bowl contained soiled bedding and was turning a brownish color. But the saddest thing of all I realized after watching one of the guinea pigs-more like prisnors- run around. At first I noticed the excessive itching. Then the skinned back. This guinea pig's back-I didn;t notice at first because fur covers it when he sits- was redish pinkish and flaky like he had been either a) abused b)hurt by one of the other guinea pigs or c)had a skin problem

This was so sad and I feel so terrible because I didn't so anything to one of the employees better yet the manager. I'd go back to tell them but I'm not sure if they're even still there. What could I/ should I do? I just feel so terrible :(
I must say one good outcome came out of this: It reminds me even more not to buy from a petstore!
I'd call your local humane society or animal control to report a case of animal neglect/abuse. That animal cruelty.
I agree. This needs to be stopped.
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