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Cage Pet store purchased and now after research feel bad..


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Jul 4, 2012
This is the cage I bought considering he was living in a little space I though it was great![h=3](broken link removed)[/h]Now after yalls pictures I feel bad! I have a boxer, 3 year old female Stormie, not rough but likes to nudge gently on Tapper. So should I just see what happens?
You can build your own big cage with a lid so your dog can't get to your pig. That's what I would do because that cage it too small.
Yes, you can get Grids to build a large cage for your Piggy with a top. I did this as we have cats.

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I agree. You can also build it with white closet or utility shelving that can be purchased in any home improvement store. They can cut it to size for you at the store with heavy-duty bolt cutters. You can connect the sections with cable ties. This would make it much stronger than normal C&C cages.

C&C Cages - Types and Styles
I have my boys in a large dog play pen. You can find them for large breed dogs that are tall enough a dog or cat cant jump in. I have two cats that love my pigs so my cage's tall sides keep them from jumping in and it was cheaper then the pet store cage i bought originally. I used zip ties to make the courners sturdier as mine isn't the extra sturdy large breed pen, just a lighter medium breed pen. I attached a few grids on the inside as well to give the waterbottles a better place to hang but some i've seen wouldnt need that. Just make sure the space between bars is 1 1/2 inches or less. Smaller if your pigs are babies.

I like having the store cage though. Its great for quarintene and at the moment i'm storeing my pigs supplies in it. XD
Well I just spent $100 so it will have to work for now. Since the cage is used and the supplies in is used I will have to wait to make him one,,, How do you put traction on a ramp though?
You can attach the cage to C&C.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Pet store purchased and now after research feel bad..

You can find cheap supplies from these places.

Sears - $17.59 for 23 grids (free shipping to your local store)
Floor Standing 6-Cube Storage Unit- Stor-Tools-Garage Organization & Shelving-Storage Hooks & Accessories

K-Mart - $20.89 for 23 grids (also free shipping to your local store)
(broken link removed)

Bed Bath & Beyond - $19.99 for 19 grids. (sign up for their coupon to get 20% off)
(broken link removed)

Walmart - $21.97 for 16 grids (free shipping to store)
Whitmor White Wire Storage Cubes, Four Cubes Interlocked - Walmart.com

Coroplast - $10 - $15 per 4x8 ft sheet. Looks like there's one in your area.
(broken link removed)

You can also call your local sign stores to ask for coroplast (corrugated plastic). If you can't find coroplast, you can use plastic shower curtain to line the cage, just make sure your piggies cannot chew the shower curtain.
I use a plastic table cloth with felt backing for my liner, then a blanket cut to size then the fleece clipped so Poppy can't burrow. Please consider getting a bigger cage. As was mentioned the Petstore cage can be attached to the run!
Would the ones from coroplast the 4 ft make it ok?
Well I just spent $100 so it will have to work for now. Since the cage is used and the supplies in is used I will have to wait to make him one,,, How do you put traction on a ramp though?

I have seen people return their used GP cages - the pet store you purchased it from can probably use it for animals who are dumped there or sick. You might try to return it because you can make a MUCH bigger cage for less than the $100 you just spent.
I made this mistake with my first piggy too. I ended up putting that first petstore cage into my sons old portacot for a few months until I got a better set up. I used the petstore cage as a kitchen area and then set up the rest of the cot with waterproof matress protector then towels and fleece, It wasn't quite big enough but did for a while as they were still little (i added a second pig 2 days after the first one when I discovered they needed a friend). Now I have wire shelving and coroplast cages up on a large tressel table and my dog can't get to my pigs this way, of course I supervise him and don't let him in the pigs room without me. Good luck with whatever you decide
Im going to keep him in the petstore cage for now. I just have one question? How can I get the ramp to have more tractinon?!
Oh no I have the store bought cage and store bought ramp. What to do with towel?
what about those adhesive grip strips you can get for shower floors. I haven't used them for guinea pigs but we put them in my grangmothers shower a couple of years ago and they work quite well. should be able to clean them ok seing as they are made for showers.
Im going to keep him in the petstore cage for now.
I think we can all agree that this is really small for two pigs :( Maybe you can improvise a cage. Look around at what you have in your home or you could ask for a play pen, grids, or chicken wire in your local freecycle group. The Freecycle Network I think most cities have them. And you can use a shower curtain or anything plastic for the bottom. If you have tile floor, then maybe a lot of towels and a couple layers of fleece would be okay for now. It's really important that they have room, their quality of life and their behavior will be SO much better with more room.
try selling it on craigslist
I use my old store bought cages for quarantining or emergencies. We had a power outage for three days and used the small cages to house them in our level where it's cooler until our power went back on. Instead of storing the cages when I'm not using them, I keep guinea pig towels, uhaul padding and other supplies in those cages and stack them on the shelving unit in my laundry room.
just had another look at that cage, from the look of the picture I'd say that ramp might be too steep for a piggy to get up anyway unless you can put the second level down a bit lower
I lowered it a little it is slick. I just cant lower it to much because I cannot get under it to clean it but the lowest it can go is still slick.
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