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Frustrated Pet Smart Not Giving The Pigs Hay Anymore?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello again,

I'm not sure if anyone else has seen this, or if this is just at the petsmart that I go to. Anyway, I have to go to petsmart often, as I have some pets with "Special needs" so they have to have special food. I wish there was some place around us that sold the kind of food they need, but sadly they don't. So every time I go in there, I run over to the guinea pigs, and torture myself by watching how sad they look, and how tiny the "Cage" they are in is.

So over the many times I have watched them, I always noticed that at least they had what looked like a good brand (Maybe oxbow) of pellets, and a pile of hay. However for a while, every time I come in, there has been no hay there, just a bowl of pellets. The first few times, I was just thinking that they had run out, and would be putting a fresh pile in any second. However after about the 5th time, I know that it must be that they had decided to not give them hay anymore.

So the next time I went in, I went up to one of the workers, and said "Hello, I think that the guinea pigs you have over there, have run out of hay" He gave me a look of kinda "Why the heck would I be given them hay?" and then said "Oh yeah I'll get someone to go do that" Though I was there for a little while longer, and no one seemed in a rush to go give then more.

So I'm just wondering, has anyone else noticed this? I know they are taking horrible care of the animals no matter what, but I just wish they would at least give them hay, even if they are not provided with a big enough cage, veggies, toys, ect. So here is a pigture, of the last time I went there, and saw the two boy pigs in there without hay, just to prove that I'm not making up some story. xD I couldn't see even a strand anywhere in the cage.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Pet Smart Not Giving The Pigs Hay Anymore?
Call the manager. If that doesn't work, call your local animal control to ask for their assistance in how to convince them to feed them a proper diet. You're dealing with someone who is probably clueless about guinea pig needs.
That cage is so much pigger than the one at our petco. Next time Im in there I will show you.
it pisses me off cause the ferrets and chinchillas are in these giant octogon shaped cages but the guinea pigs are in fish tank size drawers that slideout. its awful. I want to buy everyone of them and bring them home. its so sad.
i am glad where i live the pet smart only brings in piggies once a month and never more than 2 .. they always have what they need and the staff if pretty cool and knowledgeable.Not saying that there might not be something else going on here and there but my husband works across the street from the pet smart and goes in all the time. and when I go is like i am one of the family even when i ask the mountains of questions i like to ask they always have the answer i need. I even had one girl when i got my first skinny pig direct me to the right food.. I on purpose was going for some stuff with seeds and a bunch of other crap in it. she quickly steird me away said nope you dont want that and directed me to the right food. One of the guys the other day when i went to get a new water bottle for spots and i was looking for the hay was talking to me about the hay and witch one would be best. I really wish more pet smart workers where like this that loves there animals and are willing to help those with less knowledge. But I know is not all the same . I guess it depends on where you live and who they hire.I hope they get there act together at this place that is just wrong .
the Petsmart near me also doesnt give them hay. We have a local pet store chain here that is super popular and believe it or not, they are way worse with their animals.
Our local petsmart gives ours hay, not lots, but they do keep at least a handful in there.

I have also seen them give them oranges or some kind of leafy green like kale etc.

I think it really depends on who is working in your department. I have seen good times and bad times. Just seems the manager that time really depends on the conditions they get.
yes I agree with beachgurl... some petsmarts I have seen are not so great at all.. other ones, like the one near me always has hay and food in there and there cages are twice that size. Still not huge, but better then that. Not saying that they take great care of them, but its better then some... There's this little petstore that is inside of our mall here that is awful... I feel TERRIBLE for the piggies in there... There are usually anywhere from 3-6 young guinea pigs cramed in one of those small like 2 feet by 1 foot petstore cages WITH anywhere from 2-4 rabbits!! :( They barely have room to roam about without stepping on someone. Not to mention they shouldn't be in there with rabbits. OH. AND they don't separate males from females. Last time I went in there they didn't even have food... I told the lady that worked there and she was like oh yeah I guess I should give them some! She did and they went literally hog wild all ran to the food bowl eating it.... :( I know its not good to buy from pet stores, but a part of me wanted to buy them all just because I felt so bad for their conditions... :( poor poor piggies and rabbits.
When I bought my Waffles home from Pets at Home, the UK partner of Petsmart, she was -rake thin-. I could feel every one of her ribs and her little hips jutted out like a skeleton. I started popping in pretty much every day while Wibble was away sick so I could check on her and noticed that while the pigs had what at first appeared to be plenty of hay, there could be ten of them in the cage. And they also only got perhaps three leaves of extremely wilted cabbage and a quarter of red pepper between all of them a day. It was a very eye opening experience. Even more so when I saw how Waffles ate in the first couple of weeks after she came home with us. She's lovely and chubby now, but at first I was so terrified she was going to become ill because of malnutrition. I actually started taking in presents of boxes of vegetables to the shop because I was so upset at the state of Waffles and couldn't stand the thought of the animals going hungry...

This was all part of my learning curve as a new piggy owner when it comes to pet shops actually. I can definately say I've become a lot more observant of the way they care for their animals, and have withdrawn pretty much all my commerce from them now. The last step will be when I switch to fleece when it arrives so I don't have to bulk buy sawdust from there anymore...
It must vary by area on how well they care for the animals. I might have seen hay at the Petsmart near us, but I've never, ever seen them give their piggies fresh fruit or veggies. Last time I was in Petco, I was shocked to see the lone guinea pig had fresh oranges. At both Petsmart and Petco, the pigs were large adults so I'm hoping that means there's very little demand. Even if they treat their animals well, it doesn't make up for the misery of how they're bred in the first place or the very real chance that they'll be impulse buys who end up forgotten in the corner of some kid's room.
My Pets Smart, is even worse. Its way smaller and skinny then that! And no hay! All they get for 2 guinea pigs to share is a slice of an orange.
Poor piggies. My pet smart is kind to our animals. But some pet smarts aren't. I would rescue them all without paying for them. I would just get a night job there and rescue all the animals!
Care quality varies from store to store. The petsmart near me takes excellent care of their pigs. They give you info on c & c cages, provide them with chew sticks, unlimited hay, excellent vet care. Not all stores are created equal. Write a letter to the corp ofc, demand to see the mgr on duty, call animal control, refuse to leave until you see consistent and proper care. But do not bash every petsmart or every pet store cuz all are not created equal.
Care quality varies from store to store. The petsmart near me takes excellent care of their pigs. They give you info on c & c cages, provide them with chew sticks, unlimited hay, excellent vet care. Not all stores are created equal. Write a letter to the corp ofc, demand to see the mgr on duty, call animal control, refuse to leave until you see consistent and proper care. But do not bash every petsmart or every pet store cuz all are not created equal.

I didn't make this it "Bash every petsmart" I just wanted to know if this was what was happening everywhere, or if it was just a random event at this location. I've never been to another petsmart or store that sells pets, so I didn't know that it was so different from place to place.

However, I am strongly against all breeding/selling of pets, therefore I am against petstores, and all pet smarts. They can take amazing care of the pets, but if they are breeding them, adding to the over population, selling them to kids who have no idea what they are doing, and will just end up abusing them, and selling people pigs when there are so many that need good homes, then I think what they are doing is very wrong.
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