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Canada Pellets to fatten up a pig.


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Jan 16, 2012
one of my guinea pigs, Guineae, lost a lot of weight. She looks like a baby. She is my oldest and largest pig. She is actualy very long when she streches out, but she looks small. She lost a lot of weight recently becuase of pellets that she (and Bella) didn't like, so they starved themselves and we didn't know. She is slowly fattening up, but I was wondering if there was any good pellets to get to plump her up more. She is on Kaytee Timothy Complete, which I know isn't the best. Would Alafafa based pellets be better for her? I know that they are for baby's and help them grow I geuss, would this work for her :?:

i can`t aford vet bills as money is tight, and with there being only one that does small animals it`s super expensive. So getting her a check-up won`t work sadly.
Weight loss is a sign of illness. Guinea pigs are prey animals and are good at trying to hide illness to protect themselves from predators. I would strongly suggest a vet visit to figure out what's wrong, even if you have to work out a payment plan. It could be a life saver.
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