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Pellets Pellets discontinued-- in search of something new. Please offer suggestions~


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Jul 23, 2010
I exclusively used this brand (Carefresh Complete) of pellets for the last couple of years, and it has been perfect for my 3 girls. They've all been well, with no health issues, in a healthy weight range, and very happy. They LOVE this kind of food, and eat it happily. The problem is, none of the stores around me are continuing to carry it. I've been told by management at two different stores that it's been discontinued.

I switched to the next best thing I could find (ingredient-wise) at local stores, which is Kaytee Timothy Complete, and I think it's really not good for them. One of them developed a lower respiratory infection immediately after the switch and wouldn't touch the pellets at all for a couple of weeks, and she lost weight. (Quarantined her, antibiotics, breathing treatments, re-regulated digestive enzymes, reintroduced into cage, etc.-- she's well now, and starting to regain her weight, slowly.) The other two have ballooned like they're little round bears preparing for hibernation. I'm not thrilled and do not want to continue with this brand, but I just don't know what to use. It seems that pretty much everything at the local stores (Petsmart, Petco, Wal-mart, etc) either has corn or whole seeds in it.

Anybody have thoughts that might assist?

I've seen people talk about ordering food online. What sites do you use? What brands?

In addition to pellets, I feed Timothy Grass Hay (Kaytee), and they get a variety of fresh vegetables (though they're fairly picky about what they like), and they get them 2 or 3 times per day.
Try Oxbow Adult Formulation or KM'sTimothy Pellets. KM's are the best, but only available online (but are cheaper per pound, even with shipping, than Oxbow). I think it's...PetSmart? that sell Oxbow (I keep forgetting which one sorry, as we don't have either of them in Australia).
Thanks. I'm going to try KM's. I just placed an order. It's actually cheaper (even with shipping) than buying anything I've seen at the stores, because it's 10 lbs. instead of 5, so twice as much food as the other stuff. Hopefully, it'll do the trick..
You won't be disappointed! KMS pellets are great :)
I buy KM pellets and my guinea pigs love them! You should consider buying KM or Oxbow bulk hay, too. There's no comparison with Kaytee hay. Bagged hay is usually dry with sharp pieces. The bulk, boxed hays are soft and fragrant.
I am a brand new member - just signed up a few minutes ago just so I could reply to this post. I've been looking for the Carefresh food for the past couple weeks. My guinea pig, Ella, is picky, but she loved the Carefresh instantly after turning her nose up at lots of other foods. Like your guinea pigs, she also eats Kaytee Timothy Hay and always gets praised at the vet for being a good, healthy weight.
Anyway, today her Carefresh bag was about empty so I made one last attempt at PetSmart and failed. I got something else called Ecotrition for her to try. I got online afterwards, found this post, and realized PetSmart wasn't just out of Carefresh, but that is was discontinued. When it was time tofeed Ella, she put her head in the bowl, stopped, and then looked up at me like "seriously?"
Since she obviously didn't like the Ecotrition, I decided to go see if there was a better selection at Petco. To my surprise I found the "NEW" Carefresh food shown below! It definitely looks a little different, but I just gave some to Ella and she seems satisfied.
I'm not sure why I haven't found this new Carefresh at any other pet stores... maybe they are just starting to put this out?
Anyway, I know this post is a few weeks old and you may have already found this food yourself or gotten your pigs used to something else. Just thought I'd throw it out there!
[GuineaPigCages.com] Pellets discontinued-- in search of something new. Please offer suggestions~
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That Carefresh pellet food is better than Ecotrition but it looks like it still has colorful bits in it. Piggies should have plain pellets.

Kleenmamas is high quality and a good source for both pellets and hay. Oxbow is also a good source and a close second to Kleenmamas. Kleenmamas is ordered online. Some Oxbow products can be found in-store.

You're going to want to avoid almost anything by Kaytee.
Actually, at least with their old formula, it's not "colored bits" but dehydrated pea and carrot bits - not fruity colored pieces meant more for presentation than nutrition. I'm not able to find an ingredients list online (Maddie if you'd be able to post one or PM me one that'd be awesome). I've used the "old formula" of this particular product when in a bind and find it to be generally acceptable and a great deal better than anything Kaytee offers.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Pellets discontinued-- in search of something new. Please offer suggestions~Hope this reads okay... I'll try to make it bigger if not. Thanks!
Bueno, thank you!
KM pellets are fantastic...dare I say, they even make MY tummy growl :eek:

Their aroma, that is...I have never tasted guinea pig food... haha
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